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Book lovers


Goodreads -
Bibliophiles Network.

Network of book lovers. Here you can find well-known books and learn about new ones. You start your own bookshelf, collect your books, if you want, write reviews about them. It's not difficult, if the book really liked, I want to share it.

Thus, your preferences are formed and it is easier for you to find friends who understand you.

You can see what your friends are reading, and they are what you read.

Literary portal with a free publication.
BookCrossing -
Sharing books is carried out as follows: someone leaves a book in a public place, to have it and read the others and then do the same. BookCrossing - the same process online.

The exchange of books is as follows: someone leaves a book in a public place so that they can read it and read the others and then do the same. BookCrossing is the same online process.

LibraryThing -
The community of book lovers.
Bookish -
Book Network.
Reviews of books and reviews, get your personal library to add and communicate in groups of interest, share their opinions with others.

The social network of book lovers will help you:

  • easily and quickly find people with similar literary tastes and preferences;
  • find new friends and acquaintances, organize your own groups;
  • discuss the books you read, and just remember everything that you read and create your own digital library.
  • exchange opinions about literature that you care about;
  • find people with similar tastes and like-minded people;
  • remember all the books you read;
  • get recommendations from other users and the system;
  • receive up-to-date information on all novelties in the book market;
  • find where the book you are interested in is sold and purchased at the lowest price;
  • And much more!
My library
Social network for those who love to read.

A social network for those who like to read.

Lovers read or write books, this site can help you.

A living library, a book social network, an international book review database, a popular book search engine, a book knowledge base, a book exchange site, a service that every reader needs.

  • Find the books you need,
  • learn new items and popular books on your topic,
  • find the opinion of like-minded people about a particular book,
  • the statistics collected by the site, and the reviews of our readers will help you find Course in the sea of ​​books.
Try to remember which books you read last year? What did you like the most? What ideas impressed you? With LiveLib, you can always answer these questions.
Do you know what books your friends recently read? Ask them and you will learn a lot. Or invite them to LiveLib. And if you are interested, who reads your books, and what else interests these people - then you are in the right place.
Opportunities for text, post photos, illustrations, personal communication, promotion of their own creativity.
Elftown -
The truth is somewhere nearby or social sphere for fans of science fiction.

The truth is somewhere near or social for those who like science fiction.

aNobii -
Book social network.

About 50,000 books in a number of languages. You can read and discuss, recommend in groups.

One of the largest sites in Russian devoted to poetry.

One of the largest sites in Russian dedicated to poetry. Here the authors can lay out their verses, receive ratings and reviews.

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