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Aggregator on hotel reservations

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Owner: Aviasales
Used: Google maps.

address: Russia


The service of comparing prices for hotels all over the world provided by leading reservation systems such as,,, Expedia ...
Over 250,000 hotels in 205 countries.

How does it work?

  • Enter the name of the city or hotel you want to visit.
  • We look at the list of prices for different online booking systems.
  • Compare prices and choose a hotel.
  • We get to the site providing the best price, where we book a hotel.
  • We pay only for the hotel without intermediaries.

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The site is looking for the best deals on flights and hotels.
Search goes to other known sites for a cheaper price and for shares.
Honestly, many sites promise this. I would try a few and this is the same.
The lack of this site, as well as almost all western ones - a scanty base in Russia.


We set our parameters and get how much it will cost on different sites:
  3. OZON Travel
  4. and many others.
So you can find the best offer .

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