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3D panoramas of hotels.

Stroll through the area, look in the room, see how the kids club looks, and count the number of pools.
The collection will be updated.

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Russian - Englesh

Used: Yandex.Maps.
address: Russia


Guide to various places, attractions and interesting places of Astrakhan and several other cities of Russia.

For each institution presented a small information and panorama.

Panoramas presented


Volgograd region

  1. Volgograd
  2. Volzhsky
  1. Derbent
  2. Izberbash
  3. Kaspiysk
  4. Makhachkala
Kalmykia Resp.
  1. Elista
  1. Karachaevsk
  2. Cherkessk
Stavropol region
  1. Pyatigorsk
  2. Stavropol


Virtual tours of the Crimea resorts.

On the site you can visually familiarize yourself with hotels, places and find a place to rest.
If you like something, you can immediately order it, because it is the official website of the tour operator of Cri