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Hotel reservation.

Site for travelers. Booking hotel rooms.
In fact, this is a travel agency site, because the choice of hotels is not that big.
But the site in Russian is

  • detailed descriptions,
  • photos of hotels,
  • Useful information about the necessary documents and features of stay in a particular country,
  • visa processing service, travel agency.

BookingBuddy -
Search for favorable prices for everything that is offered to tourists: plane, hotel, car rental ....

TripAdvisor -
Reserve a table.

On the Russian version of this tourist portal you can find not only hotels, but also restaurants.

Here and photos, and rating, and reviews, and gradation in the kitchen (American, Steak House, European, Italian, Pizza ....)
You can pick up a restaurant for breakfast or lunch or dinner.
Then find it on the map and order it.

Roomer Travel -
Hot rooms.

Hot rooms.
The company operating in the tourist market, on its website users can place their non-refundable hotel reservations for sale and offer them to buyers at a discount.
The company was founded in Tel Aviv.

RoomGuru -
Compare hotels.

We set our parameters and get how much it will cost on different sites:

  3. OZON Travel
  4. and many others.
So you can find the best offer .

Pruvo -
Hotel reservation with a notification of discounts.

Booking a hotel with a notification of discounts.

Usually, aggregators scan the sites of hotels and give out the most favorable offers FOR THIS MOMENT.
We choose and book a hotel, and tomorrow the same numbers come with a big discount.
We do

FareCompare -
The site is looking for the best deals on flights and hotels.

The site is looking for the best deals on flights and hotels.
Search goes to other known sites for a cheaper price and for shares.
Honestly, many sites promise this. I would try a few and this is the same.
The lack of this site, as well as almost all western ones - a scanty base in Russia.

Wego -
Singaporean travel search engine.

Singapore travel search engine.
Here you can choose the tour and pay for the plane and hotel.
A good site for traveling to the east - China, Singapore, Indonesia, India ...

One Two Trip -
Tickets to the tourist.

The site is decent, support ITAR-TASS, Businessperson, Bloomberg and Hopes&Fears.

With each purchase, bonuses 1% of the price.
Payment by bank cards Visa and MasterCard directly to the airline.
Purchase and statement Electronic air tickets.

Staydu -
Best way to host travelers: in return for help, money or for free? You choose!

Best way to host travelers: in return for help, money or for free? You choose!

stay and help

Hosts with a red circle host in return for help. You can stay with a local and help him building his garage or looking after his kids.

stay and pay

Hosts with a yellow circle host in return for money. You pay for your stay in return for accommodation and electricity.

stay for free

Hosts with a blue circle host in return for free. They like to welcome you as a part of their life.

The largest Russian-speaking vacation service for exchanging, renting accommodation from hosts, accommodation in guests.

The largest Russian-speaking vacation service for exchanging, renting accommodation from hosts, accommodation in guests.
Spend your vacation inexpensively, and with the comfort of home with us will be easier.

Vacation exchange and accommodation with the owners - are unique in their advantages.
It is a significant savings, and the freedom and opportunity to make new friends in different cities and countries.
It's perfect for a family vacation or a vacation with friends.

Lastminute -
The best deals on flights, hotels, flight + hotel, and everything else you need for your trip.

The best deals on flights, hotels, flight + hotel, and everything else you need for your trip.

Your information is conveniently stored in your account, making it easier to book your flight or hotel.
And when you log in, you can also access all your booking details, real-time notifications, boarding passes and even exclusive deals that have been selected just for you.

Want to know your flight times? Or check what hotel you've booked? No need to print out all the details: now you can access all your reservations in one place.

Boarding passes at your fingertips - in the app.

Ostrovok -
Search for hotels.

Search for hotels at low prices.

The most successful in this area service from Russian. It is one of the three worlds available to Russia. A special note is an application for a smartphone.
Domestic service is good because there will definitely be no problems with the language and that it is in our legal field.


You can pay online, but in most cases you can book online, and pay on the fact.


  1. Search hotels nearby in the specified direction;
  2. Browse hotels by list and on the map;
  3. Photos of hotels and rooms;
  4. 24-hour support service in Russian and English;
  5. View the confirmation of booking in offline mode for authorized users.

Booking airline tickets, hotels and ordering machines for business trips online.

Booking tickets, hotels and reenting cars for business trips online.

The service combines the offers on the market and offers the most efficient and profitable.

It is often more convenient for departures from Moscow to fly from Domodedovo, and return to Sheremetyevo by another airline. You will be offered such options.
This is the 3rd official and 100% reliable service Ticket.

This is the 3rd official and 100% reliable ticket sales service.
Its distinctive feature is a wider choice of means of payment and comprehensive service.

That is, you want to go abroad and use the travel agency, because there Everything is so complicated:

  1. you have to buy tickets for train or plane,
  2. order hotel,
  3. issue visa.
You can do all this on the Ozon website without leaving home.
Visa processing services are provided only in conjunction with the hotel booking.

Payment methods

Receiving a ticket

When buying a ticket for trains from 001 to 899 numbering, It takes. It is enough to produce a passport, because the place is bought in your name. Thus, there is no need to queue at the cash register.

In other cases, when buying a ticket, information can be printed out, or you can rewrite the 20-digit ticket number. Then you need to transfer it to the cashier and get a ticket.
You can call and find out beforehand whether it can be done at your railway station.


For this you need to contact the railway cashier (not via Internet). The money will be returned to the plastic card.
The fee for the operation when returning to the ticket office of JSC Russian Railways is an unused travel document (ticket), ordered and paid for on the site, is 99 rubles. 30 kop. From each place regardless of the date of the ticket.

Tools for finding and buying rounds for selection of hotels.

Service for finding and buying tours and for selecting hotels.

Site services

  1. we find ready tours;
  2. independently organize a trip;
  3. choice by tour operators;
  4. choice of hotels and their ratings;
  5. choice by price;
  6. choice by payment method.

Haptachi -
Guide to various places, attractions and interesting places of Astrakhan and several other cities of Russia.

Guide to various places, attractions and interesting places of Astrakhan and several other cities of Russia.

For each institution presented a small information and panorama.

Panoramas presented


Volgograd region

  1. Volgograd
  2. Volzhsky
  1. Derbent
  2. Izberbash
  3. Kaspiysk
  4. Makhachkala
Kalmykia Resp.
  1. Elista
  1. Karachaevsk
  2. Cherkessk
Stavropol region
  1. Pyatigorsk
  2. Stavropol

Virtual tours of the Crimea resorts.

Virtual tours of the Crimea resorts.

On the site you can visually familiarize yourself with hotels, places and find a place to rest.
If you like something, you can immediately order it, because it is the official website of the tour operator of Cri

Hotel reservations around the world.

Hotel reservations around the world.

Compare hotel prices in all online hotel reservation systems.
Learn about room availability, there are descriptions and photos.

Yandex tried to make a clear and most useful site to find a good hotel for a reasonable price.

Anywayanyday -
A real company or organization must have one of the global distribution systems.

A real company or organization must have one of the global distribution systems (GDS) that aggregates data from service providers, offering users through their partners in the network a full range of offers.

Almost the entire world market of Internet booking is divided between companies:

  1. Amadeus - Russian
  2. Galileo - Russian
  3. Saber - English, integrated with the Aerof website Ota
Payment methods

Svyaznoy Travel
Hot tickets online.

A new project from the well-established Svyaznoy.

Ordering air and railway tickets, organizing cruises and excursions, renting apartments and cars, hotel reservations.

The order can be issued online at home or in the office, through Electronic catalog or with the help of employees of the store "Svyaznoy". The cost of services is planned lower than that of tourist operators. You can pay them as a bank card, or in cash.

Payment methods

Hotel reservation.

Find the cheapest prices for all global booking systems for hotels, air tickets and car rental around the world.
The ability to see prices in booking systems through the eyes of a travel agent, compare all offers and choose the best.
Thus, the service helps tourists to find the best prices, no need now to scour Internet in search of affordable hotels and other services. It manually selects cheap hotels that recommend service users and weekly monitoring of popular tourist communities and forums.

At the user's request, hundreds of offers of airlines, hotels and travel agencies are compared. After choosing the appropriate option, you can reserve it in any convenient way: directly through the hotel, airline website or through a travel agent.

You do not need to register on the site. All services are rendered free of charge. The site is very easy to use, there are step-by-step guides for finding the best price for a hotel, car rental, a detailed guide to finding cheap fares for a flight.

MakeMyTrip -
Indian online travel company.

Indian online travel company.
Here you can choose a tour, plane tickets, etc., a complete set.
The site will be useful for travel to India or neighboring countries.

Pasporta Servo -

International guest service.
You can stop for free or for a symbolic fee.
This is the service of the World Youth Esperanto Organization (Tutmonda Esperantista Junulara Organizo). So the knowledge of the international language of Esperanto is compulsory.

By the way, it is not difficult to teach it. Simply start. Especially if you do not know other languages. It is much better not just to spend the night, but to talk. -
Flights & Hotels.

More than 30,000 employees.
More than a million hotels in 200 countries.
One of the main things in travel is reliability. This is the main thing that gives.

Customer Support

Well, firstly, when you make an order with such popular services, the hotel will try to please you and will not refuse you at the last minute, saying I do not know you. Too expensive will cost a loss of reputation.
I recommend to take a printout of the reservation on the trip. Drive in the phone number of the support service site and install the mobile application.
So you will be fully armed.

TripHappy -
The purpose of the site is to help you plan a trip abroad, but it can only help you if you already go where and how to organize your itinerary.

The purpose of the site is to help you plan a trip abroad, but it can only help you if you already go where and how to organize your itinerary.
You can find a place on the map and look for what's next. In order to find where it is more convenient to stay, the site looks for prices in Hostelworld, and Airbnb.

I looked out curiously at Rovaniemi and did not find those 2 best hotels in which I stayed. One has a better location, another has a great spa.
At and, I find everything easy.

trivago -
Compare hotels.

Search for hotel sites.
We enter the request for a geographical location and get how much the hotel costs in what hotel, the lowest price is offered.

Trustroots -
Search for people willing to provide accommodation or show your city.

Search for people willing to provide accommodation or show your city.

But you can't just use people, you first need to build relationships.
The service encourages trust, adventure, and intercultural communication.

Google Travel -
Travel portal.

Travel portal.

Convenient flights at competitive prices.

When we plan a trip, we use Google to choose a place, time, hotel, plane.

Well, if we find out anyway through Google, they collected this kind of information in one place.
What do we need?
We do not want to come to India for the rainy season, we do not want to buy the most expensive tickets.
We want to see something new.
And we are limited by budget.

The portal allows you to choose a place, hotel, plane tickets.
So it will be more convenient to find a place, respectively, prices.

The portal offers links to selected hotels on

with specified prices, you can go and make an order or search for something more interesting.

Reliable online service for recreation.

The task of the service is to give out not all, but the most popular and profitable. That is, filter out anything that you are not interested in initially.
Say you buy a plane ticket, then you will be offered options and restrictions in connection with this, for example - you can not return, exchange, take luggage (only carry-on luggage up to 10 kg) ... You can choose the price-service ratio.

For hotels immediately indicated whether breakfast is included, whether there is parking, WIFI. However, this is a generator from other sites.

The Hospitality Club -

One of the largest guest networks.
Search by map.
It has existed since July 2000 and currently brings together over 320,000 members from more than 200 countries.

Network members provide each other with free help And accommodation during travel and organize joint trips (however, by mutual agreement, sometimes guests pay for a phone or food).
The project is supported by a group of volunteers.

The goal of the project is to collect a million members in the near future.

Unusual Hotels of the World -
Fancy hotels.

Booking a hotel.
The main feature is the most unusual hotels.

I do not know about you, but I want always something new.
You come to Egypt, like to Africa. He lives among the Russians, they all speak Russian, in a European-type hotel. Full impression that on the Black Sea.
You come to Turkey, the same picture. All in Russian, a similar hotel, the sea. Well, the Black Sea.

There is a small base, a little more than 300 places. What pleases, then the selection is not machine and worth paying attention to.

Hostelworld -
Hostels worldwide - Online hostel booking, ratings and reviews.

Hostels worldwide - Online hostel booking, ratings and reviews.
We reserve seats in more than 33 000 hostels in 170 countries of the world. What is not so much. Let's say where I go to Finland is nothing.

goSeek -
Group of online travel veterans who happened to be obsessed with getting the very best deal on every trip we.

Hotellook -
Compare hotels.

The service of comparing prices for hotels all over the world provided by leading reservation systems such as,,, Expedia ...
Over 250,000 hotels in 205 countries.

How does it work?

  • Enter the name of the city or hotel you want to visit.
  • We look at the list of prices for different online booking systems.
  • Compare prices and choose a hotel.
  • We get to the site providing the best price, where we book a hotel.
  • We pay only for the hotel without intermediaries.

Hotels -
The hotel on the map.

International service. Intuitive interface.
More than 120,000 hotels all over the world.
We choose the city, time of arrival, departure time and how many of us.
Search results are sorted by price, popularity, number of stars, guest evaluation and remoteness from the city center.

Hotel WiFi Test -
Classification by Wi-Fi.

The site classifies hotels on the level of Wi-Fi. But even without knowing the language it's not difficult to understand the names of cities and hotels, and the speed of Wi-Fi is generally indicated by numbers:)

The service is new, because the data is not everywhere. I looked at famous hotels, it turned out that there is a paid Internet. But I enjoyed free, except that the speed is somewhat lower.

Paid WiFi - paid
Free WiFi - free

Well, asterisks indicate a rating. The speed can be great, but the channel is limited and try to enter. So you can look at all the indicators.

If the hotel liked, you can buy through -
One of the leading portals for tourism.

One of the leading portals for tourism.
Here you can pick up and buy plane tickets, book a hotel and book a car.

You can search for on the map. -
Timetables of trains, planes, electric trains.

Schedules of trains, airplanes, electric trains.
Ordering and buying electronic tickets.
One of the most convenient sites for choosing and buying tickets.

Order plane tickets online.

3D panoramas of hotels.

3D panoramas of hotels.

Stroll through the area, look in the room, see how the kids club looks, and count the number of pools.
The collection will be updated.

AirBNB -
Remove a decent house in 34,000 cities in 190 countries.

We rent a decent house in 34,000 cities from 190 countries.
We just drive in the city and look at the offer.
You can limit or increase the number of offers by setting a limit on the price and defining the zone on the map (larger map - fewer offers

Agoda -
Search for hotels with own discounts.

Search for hotels, air tickets, transfer, car rental, rent of houses.
This service is included in the Priceline Group with the popular Booking. Why another site, if you already have Booking?
The site is built on a different principle, so to speak experiment. Here you can not only book a hotel or rent a house, but also rent. However, the base is much smaller.

Booking -
Leading website for the hotel.

There are more than 68,000 hotels in 71 countries in the database.

The site offers favorable rates for accommodation in different hotels - small private, five-star hotels ...

Company - (Nasdaq: PCLN) - is the European leader (by the number of sold rooms) in the field of hotel booking online. More than 30 million visitors from all over the world - tourists and businessmen visit Internet every month via Internet. has representative offices in the following cities: Amsterdam - Athens - Barcelona - Berlin - Warsaw - Vienna - Grand Rapids - Dubai - Dublin - Cambridge - Cape Ун - Lyon - Lola (Portugal) - London - Madrid - Montreal - Moscow - Munich - New York - Orlando - Paris - Rome - Sun-Paulu - San Francisco - Sydney - Singapore - Stockholm - Tokyo - Zurich.
The main office of the company is located in Amsterdam.

One of the leading services, booking hotels, Germany.

Hotel Reservation Service.
One of the world's leading hotel reservation services, Germany.

There is a toll-free number for Russia.

RoadTrippers -

The site is before America's auto travelers.
America is a nation on wheels. My friends in the US said that in America you must have a car. They do not ask "do you have?" "My friend from Sweden planning a trip to the US was looking for where to rent a car. By the way, one of my friends from Canada was traveling to Europe (he comes from Great Britain). He bought a used car in the UK and traveled all over Europe. Then he returned and sold the car. So it turned out cheaper.
That's the idea.

We know that a trip can be a huge challenge or an exciting journey. Here you need to find good restaurants (inexpensive, but who know how to cook), where to stay for the night and where to stop to look something.

The main thing on the site is a map: classic routes along the US roads, examples of trips, unusual places.

Of course, on the map you can find cities in Russia and other countries, but here the information is much more scarce, raw.

Airpano -
Panorama hotels.

On this site, among other things, there are 360° photo-panoramas of hotels in Turkey.
Very helpful with the choice of the hotel, if you have not already been there. And if you choose a hotel, you can also look around, places that you can visit.