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Classification by stars

Not in every country is a classification by the stars. In different countries there may be a difference in classification. Also for example, a new 3 star hotel may be better than an old 4-star.

The hotel is not a place to sleep, but a place for rest or for conferences. The hotel offers a conference hall, a swimming pool, etc.

If you only need to spend the night, it will be much cheaper to have a motel (motor-hotel) - cheap rooms without special amenities near the road.
In expensive Scandinavia, guests from Russia prefer to stay in inexpensive cottages.
This is a very simple house, which is more than enough for overnight.

Standing houses

HV - club hotel
HV1 - Club hotel 4-5 stars (Holiday village) - 1 (= 5 *)
HV2 - club hotel 3-4 stars (= 3 *, 3 * +)

One star (Cat D) - Tourist

The standard double room should be approximately 8-10 sq.m.
In the room there is a wardrobe or a hanger, chairs, a washbasin, a mirror, two towels for each guest.
Daily cleaning, linen change should occur every 7-8 days, towels every 3-4 days.
At least two bathrooms per floor and one toilet not more than five rooms.

Two stars (Cat C) - Standard


Everything is the same as in hotels 1 *, only linen is changed every 6 days.
The toilet and the bathroom are usually in the room.
The hotel should also have a restaurant or cafe, as well as offer meals options.

Three stars (Cat B) - Comfort


Beginning from category 3 * and above, each room must have a toilet and a bathroom, a dressing table, a luggage stand, radio and so on.
The rooms of most of the three-star hotels, with the exception of the cheapest, have a TV, air conditioning.
The floors in them are usually tiled. Bed linen is changed 2 times a week. Towels are changed daily.

From perfume accessories you will be offered only soap.
Some hotels can rent an iron.
On the territory of the hotel can be located: guarded parking lot, swimming pool (in resort hotels) restaurant, hairdresser, business center, currency exchange.
The hotel staff is dressed in uniform, which is divided into services.
Rooms from 10-12 sq.m.

Four stars (Cat A) - First class


All that in hotels 3 *, plus: as a rule, a mini-bar, individual air conditioning, telephone, safe, hairdryer, shampoo, bath gel in each room (usually on the day of arrival).
Daily change of bed linen and towels.

Services such as laundry, ironing, and cleaning of clothes are provided (minimum order time is a day).
The price list can be found at reception. The breakfast menu is served in the room.

On the territory of the hotel are: beauty salon, fitness center, car rental, TV lounge, music room, game and conference rooms, restaurant, sauna, swimming pool, and the like.
The area of ​​rooms, as a rule, is not less than 13 sq.m.

Five stars (Cat De Luxe) - Lux


The same as in hotels 4 *, but on a more qualitative level.
And also sometimes a second bathroom in the room and a telephone in the bathroom.
Rooms are not less than 16 sq.m.

Six or seven stars (Extremely Senior) - Super lux


Some hotels position themselves at 6 or 7 stars, but this did not go into the general hotel practice and just a marketing move.
Although, who knows? After all, for example in Norway there is still no star classification of hotels. However, if anyone has been to Norway, he knows that there are all top-level hotels there.