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Domain .PRO

A common top-level domain for certain professions.
The .PRO domain was created on May 8, 2002.


Reserved Names

Domains of the second level,,, ... also have geographic names in the .PRO domain.
In addition, you can not register a name shorter than 4- Characters.
  • ACA.PRO, CPA.PRO, STB.PRO - accountants.
  • ARC.PRO - architecture.
  • BAR.PRO, JUR.PRO, LAW.PRO - lawyers.
  • DDS.PRO, DEN.PRO, DNT.PRO - dentists.
  • ENG.PRO, ING.PRO - engineers.
  • MED.PRO - physicians.


The top-level domain PRO is intended for use solely by companies that have a license to conduct business and provide a professional level of service to their customers in any country in the world.

In addition, the new domain zone Is available to professional companies and associations that can register .PRO domain names that are consonant with company names or their trademarks in the .PRO domain.

To obtain a domain in the PRO zone, the future domain owner is obliged to:

  • provide a professional serv
  • be registered or licensed by a state body or legal entity accountable to a government body that regularly checks the reliability of its data
  • have a good history of professional activity in the body specified above
Before registering for a domain, (Professional Eligibility Verification process). To do this, you will need to provide the following information:
  • the name specified on the License (name and surname)
  • licensing date
  • type of professional activity
  • country of business
  • body that licensed your activity
  • license number
  • site of the authority that issued the license


It should be added that this is still not a cheap domain zone. The cost is about $75 per year.