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An agreement on the creation of the ASIA domain zone was signed.
This was announced today by the international corporation ICANN, responsible for the distribution of the address space of the Internet. The contract for the maintenance of this zone is concluded with the company DotAsia Organization, which has the right to register domains in China, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam and other countries.

For the first time the idea of ​​creating the domain zone .asia originated in 2000, but the harmonization of all the procedures took several years. Most of the objections were from the governments of the Asian states, which were very wary of the possibility of the appearance of a transnational domain zone that is not dependent on national governments.

Even the all-European zone .eu, officially launched in 2006, operates under the structures of the European Union. In Asia, where integration processes are at a much lower level, there is simply no suitable supranational structure.

In the end, it was decided to create an organization whose advisory council would include representatives of the domain zones of the countries of the region. All revenues from the project, net of operating expenses, should go to the development of the telecommunications industry in Asia - to reduce the technological gap between poor and rich countries, educational programs in the field of high technology. A special ATTENTION will be given to pan-Asian projects.

It is assumed that there will be up to 256 second-level domains in the ASIA domain, they will be intended for use within certain countries (JP.ASIA - Japan, CN.ASIA - China, etc.).

It is usually possible to register a domain in the .ASIA zone from registrars of international domains (.COM, .NET, .ORG ...).