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Domain Administration Rules EDU.RU

1. Domain EDU.RU.
Domain EDU.RU is a public domain and is intended for registration of universities, universities, schools, lyceums and other organizations licensed for educational activities. At the same time, departmental ownership, ownership and other characteristics that do not directly affect the profile of the institution do not matter.

2. Effect of these Rules.
These Rules are accepted by the .RU. Coordination Group.
All changes and additions to these Rules and accompanying documents are accepted by the Coordination Group.

3. Support for DNS domain.
3.1 The Coordination Group assigns responsibilities for the maintenance of the DNS zone EDU.RU to the State Research Institute of Information Technology and Telecommunications (GNII ITT) "Informika", which is obliged to:
- to ensure the functioning of a DNS domain on the basis of its available hardware in compliance with the requirements set forth in these Rules;
- register domains in the EDU.RU zone and delegate the right to administer them;
3.2. If the organization to which the DNS domain is delegated, systematically violates these Rules or is unable to ensure the qualitative functioning of the DNS domain, the Coordination Group may transfer the administration of the domain to another organization that is a member of the Coordination Group.
3.3. In case of technical problems, which may result in a violation of the DNS function of the EDU.RU domain, the organization responsible for the DNS should immediately notify the Coordination Group about this.
In this case, the support of the DNS domain is temporarily transferred to another organization until the problems are resolved.
3.4. In particularly critical cases, a domain administrator can independently decide on the transfer of the right to administer it to another organization. In this case, its decision is valid until the other is taken by the Coordination Group.
3.5. The DNS administrator responsible for delegating a subdomain must have a sufficient level of competence, understand the concepts of DNS and its support. The DNS administrator should follow the guidance and recommendations outlined in RFC 1591 and other RFCs that contain requirements and recommendations for DNS and domain delegation.
3.6. When delegating a subdomain, individuals must be identified for administrative and technical contacts.
3.7. The administrator of the domain EDU.RU, technical personnel who support the domain and registration of subdomains, as well as administrators of downstream domains should be available by e-mail.
3.8. Subdomain delegation is possible only if there are at least two DNS servers (primary and secondary). At the same time, at least two of them must have a reliable and independent connection to the Internet. The administration of the EDU.RU zone is not responsible for the loss of e-mail and other problems caused by the violation of the DNS servers of the delegated subdomain.
3.9. In the case of non-normal violations of normal network operation caused by an inefficient or incorrectly configured DNS subdomain, the administrator of the EDU.RU zone has the right to revoke the delegated domain and/or to transfer someone to administer it or leave the administration for him.

4. Procedure for registration of subdomains.
4.1. Registration of a subdomain in the EDU.RU zone is carried out on the basis of an application filled in according to the established form. The application can be sent by e-mail, fax or by mail.
4.2. The established application form is sent to the applicant by e-mail within one working day from the moment of receiving the request.
4.3. Contact information for transfer and request of application forms:
State Research Institute of Information Technologies and Telecommunications (ITRI) "Informika"
Address: 113883, Moscow, ul Lyusinovskaya, 51
Phone: +7 095 954 5578
Fax: +7 095 232-3654
4.4. A confirmation of receipt of the application is sent to the applicant within one working day from the moment of its receipt.
4.5. The decision on the application must be sent to the applicant within 7 (seven) working days from the receipt of the fully executed application.
4.6. In case of simultaneous receipt of two or more applications for registration of one domain, the decision to register is accepted only after all applicants for domain administration, except one, officially inform about their refusal of submitted applications. As well as the application, the refusal can be sent by e-mail, fax or by regular mail. Applications received within 1 (one) working day after the arrival of the first of them, are considered to arrive simultaneously.
4.7. When registering a domain, the organization directly responsible for registration and the Coordination Group are not responsible for any possible non-compliance by the applicant with trademark rights or for conflict situations arising from the use of names of other organizations.
4.8. Registration of domains by geographic feature in the EDU.RU zone is not recommended.
4.9. All applications for registering domains in the EDU.RU zone should be considered on an equal footing, regardless of who they entered.

5. Rejection of the application for domain registration.
5.1 A person directly registering domains shall unconditionally reject the application or postpone processing for an indefinite period in the following cases:
- the requested domain name already exists and registered by another organization;
- several applicants applied for the requested domain name at the same time;
5.2. The application is also rejected in cases when the domain name is used by the non-standard lexicon or expressions that contradict the laws of the Russian Federation.
5.3. A domain administrator may delay the processing of an application if, in his opinion, the organization profile does not correspond to those permitted for registration in the EDU.RU zone.
5.4. All disputes related to domain registration can be
At the request of the administrator or the applicant, are submitted for discussion by the .RU Coordination Group.

6. The cancellation of the registration of the domain name Registration of a domain name is canceled in the following cases:
1. upon a written application of the third level domain administrator;
2. On the court decision entered into legal force:
- recognizing the administration of a third-level domain by its administrator violating the rights of the plaintiff;
- and (or) prohibiting the use in the domain name of the designation of which the plaintiff has rights.

In this case, the person whose rights the court recognized as violated have the priority right to register the revoked domain. To exercise the pre-emptive right, the specified person is obliged to send the Administrator of the domain EDU.RU a written application for the registration of the domain name within 30 (thirty) calendar days from the date of cancellation of registration.


The Ministry of Commerce USA has decided to expand the EDU domain zone. Until recently, only higher education institutions, teaching students for a four-year program and local colleges providing secondary education could register names in this zone. From now on, the right to register domains with the suffix EDU will receive and other accredited educational institutions, such as, for example, beauty institutions, theological educational institutions and institutions of distance education.

Currently, the EDU domain zone is managed by a technology consortium Educause, created with the participation of many American universities. According to the project, educational institutions accredited by the Ministry of Education USA can apply for domain registration. In Educause they say that 95% of the responses to the domain zone expansion project were positive. To date, about 7,500 domain names have been registered in the EDU zone, belonging to approximately 6,000 educational institutions.