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The state in the southwestern Pacific Ocean, in Oceania (Polynesia). Includes 9 lowland coral islands, stretching for 600 km from north-west to south-east and called before 1975 by the Ellis Islands.

Territory 26 km 2. Population (2005) 11,636 man
Total length of motorways - 8 km

.TV Domain .TV belonged to the state Tuvalu, now it is used for registration of TV companies ...

Scientists believe that in 50 years the islands of the state of Tuvalu will disappear in the World Ocean due to global warming.

Coat of Arms of Tuvalu It was sold personally by the Prime Minister of Tuvalu Bikenibeu Paeniu. He put his signature under the deal for $50 million for every 10-year use of the domain, under which the rights to manage the .TV domain passed to the Canadian company .TV Corp. (The company was established just under the trade of the specified domains).

Tuvalu also did not stay away from the process of registering new domains. Government Tuvalu received a 20% stake and a seat on the company's board.


The first contribution of Canadians was $19 million, and the annual budget Tuvalu is only 14 million. It is not surprising that in passing Tuvalu was immediately accepted into the British Commonwealth, and the remaining money was decided as a token of gratitude to spend on the development of the infrastructure of the Internet. In addition, all the residents of the country were given the opportunity to study freely at home and abroad. Also Tuvalo joined the UN, as it was able to pay the entrance fee.

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