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Domain .XXX

In fact - a global address book, an online business card zone.
You do not buy a domain name in the usual way and make a website. In fact, the site already exists and you become a part of this service, this database, using ready-made tools.

This is the contact information storage area, which users can manage themselves. Domain owners will independently determine which contact information they will place in their domain, such as telephone numbers, website addresses and e-mail addresses, instant messaging service numbers (ICQ, Jabber ...). Unlike domains in other zones, information in .tel is stored in the DNS domain name system itself in a new type of NAPTR records, which will ensure its ease of rewriting, exceptional transfer speed and reliability of storage.

The application for this domain zone was repeatedly applied, but it was stubbornly refused.

In the summer of 2005, ICANN made a preliminary decision approving the idea of ​​creating a pornographic domain, but under pressure from community groups, the decision to launch the domain was suspended in December 2005.

But on March 12, 2010 at the ICANN conference in Nairobi, the issue of creating this domain zone again arose. However, the final decision on this controversial issue was postponed for at least 70 days.

June 25, 2010 at the ICANN conference in Brussels, the creation of the .xxx domain zone was approved. The first sites in the .xxx zone may appear in the beginning of 2011. In total ICM received preliminary applications for registration of 110,000 domain names in this zone.


What can be a plus, when we can have a whole zone for porn?
A large number of pornographic sites will be there, where they will be searched - in this zone. So it will be easier to filter those who are not going to look for such content.