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Today 23 Shvat 5730 AD Sunday, (28 November 2021)
Andrey Yurin  אנדרי יורין

Professional guide to Jerusalem and Israel.
License number: 6581 e
Was born in 1971 AD In Belarus.
Languages: Russian, Hebrew, English.


Phone: +97225709684
Mobil: +972523221640
Skype: yurin.andrey

Andrey Yurin

I do not know if there is a guide in Israel yet, but it is hardly better.
Andrei grew up in the USSR and therefore knows Russian and our culture perfectly. At the same time, he is a Jew who moved to Israel and owns Hebrew.
The main thing is that he loves Israel. It seems that he knows absolutely everything, no matter what his topic or ask about Israel. Andrei can simply and clearly explain a lot, making it interesting.

If you choose this guide, then you will return home after receiving an abyss of information. So be prepared not only to listen, but also write down: on paper, video or audio. There will be a lot of information and it will be very interesting.

Andrey cooperates with the Christian tour company Sar-El Turs. Or you can contact him personally.