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Today 23 Shvat 5730 AD Wednesday, (6 July 2022)

Sar-El Tours

Christian tours to the Holy Land.
One of the leading travel agencies in Israel, collaborates with Christian communities around the world. Making up the program of the tour, takes into account individual wishes and requests of each group.

To tell the truth, it seemed to us that the guide knows everything: the history of Israel, the political situation inside Israel and its neighbors, the Bible, Hebrew, Russian, English (probably Aramaic and something Yet), the culture of the Jews, Christian and Russian, explain everything from the migration of birds, the depth of the lakes, the height of the mountains, the annual precipitation, the temperature, who where, when ... believe me, learn a lot of interesting things.
The guide accompanies the group from the airport, Will help you stay and learn how to shop.


  • Israel is a country where the Bible, faith and history form a single whole, and prophecy and promise continue to be fulfilled.
  • Sarel employees want to be not just a travel agency, but to build a bridge between the Holy Land and Christian communities.
Discover Israel, get acquainted with its people and expand your horizons!

A wide range of local contacts will allow you to organize interesting meetings for the group with local politicians, representatives of Christian communities; Listen to the lectures of professionals in any area of ​​interest to you: in agriculture, the media, etc.

Tour "All Peoples"

Day 1 - Arrival in Israel, transfer to the hotel in Natanya.
Day 2 - Caesarea; Bahai Gardens (Haifa); Druze village; Acre;
Day 3 - Pkiyin; Zefat; Circassians; Tiberias; Capernaum; A walk along the Sea of ​​Galilee.
Day 4 - Mount Ben-Tal; Tell Dan; Banias; Mount of Beatitudes
Day 5 - Masada; Qumran; Bathing in the Dead Sea; "Eretz Bereishit" ("Beduin's Life").
Day 6 - Mount of Olives; Mount Zion; Temple Mount; Jewish Quarter of the Old City; The Western Wall; The Armenian quarter of the Old City.
Day 7 - Monasteries and churches, including the Old City, the Way of the Cross and Ein Karem; Yad Vashem.
Day 8 - Promenade in Armon HaNaziv; View of Bethlehem; Museum of Israel with a model city of the times of the Second Temple; Architecture of Jerusalem.

Pilgrim tour

Day 1. - Arrival, tour of Jaffa, Caesarea. Transfer to the hotel in Netanya.
Day 2. - Haifa, Muhraha (Mount Carmel), Mount Megiddo, Mount Tavor (Transfiguration), Nazareth, Kana. Hotel in Tver.
Day 3. - Walk through the Sea of ​​Galilee, Mount of Beatitudes, Tabha, Capernaum, baptism in the Jordan. Hotel in Tver.
Day 4. - Jordan Valley, Beit Shean, the source of Gideon, view of Jericho, Dead Sea - bathing. Hotel in Ein Bokek (Dead Sea).
Day 5. - Ein Gedi, Masada, moving to Jerusalem.
Day 6. - Old City of Jerusalem, Western Wall, Temple Mount, Yad Vashem, modern city. Hotel in Jerusalem.
Day 7. - Mount of Olives, Garden of Gethsemane, Bethesda, Lion Gate, Via Dolorosa, empty Tomb, communion. Hotel in Jerusalem.
Day 8. - Ability to travel to Eilat.

Youth tour

Day 1 - Arrival in Israel, transfer to the hotel in Natanya.
Day 2 - Caesarea, Carmel, Megiddo, excavations of the village of the 1st century AD. Under Nazareth, the kibbutz "Manara" - attractions on the mountain. Hotel in Tiberias.
Day 3 - Mount of Beatitudes, Capernaum, Tabha.

Israel Ministry of Tourism

Ministry of Tourism of Israel.
The main goal of the Ministry of Tourism is to attract foreign guests to the country. To this end, the Ministry established the State Tourism Company, which deals with marketing, professional training of personnel, control of hotels, advertising, etc.

The ministry's second most important task is the development of domestic tourism, i.e. Encouraging Israelis to rest within the country.