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Owner: Yandex

tel.: 8 800 600-90-90
address: Russia, Moscow


A service where you can learn about events in the city and buy tickets to the cinema and the event.

Schedule, announcements and description of events are provided by Yandex partners and event organizers.


  • Learn about new events.
  • Buy a ticket to a movie or an event.
  • Return your movie ticket.
  • Give back money for unnecessary 3D glasses.



Online booking of tickets.
Movies, concerts, theaters, sports ...
The site is simpler than the above.

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The service is connected to ticket systems of cinemas.
It allows partners to sell cinema tickets on their websites.
This is an easy way to provide our users with a new convenient service.
  • Choose a city, if it is on the list (there are about a hundred cities),
  • there will be movie posters, click the one you like or search,
  • choose a session and a konotere,
  • select the places according to the scheme of the cinema hall (if you put in place Price is specified),
  • pay.

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And the user can buy a movie ticket on the sites (works Service "Rambler-Cash"):

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Cinema, concerts, theaters, sports ...
Consultant in the world of cultural events in the capital and assistant in choosing and booking tickets.

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