Who will win?

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Who will win?

Let's look at the situation from the opposite, which definitely cannot be:

Can Ukraine win?

It's simply impossible.
How do you imagine it? Ukraine will reach Moscow? Yes, even if it did - so what?
Napoleon has already done this, believing that he will receive the levers of governing the country, in fact he received a geographical point and that's it.
To defeat Russia, you need to take over the whole country, which is impossible.

Can Russia win?

Russia Ukraine can occupy, absorb, enter into Russia, but will not overcome.
Ukrainians will not rest until they regain their state. We can get the 2nd Bandera movement, partisanism.
This time, this guerrilla movement will be more effective.
Definitely Russia will not get loyal Ukrainians.

Multipolar world or US hegemony?

The multipolar world seems to proclaim the absence of a single center, but in reality...?
If this were the case, then the isolation of Russia would not have succeeded, rather the opposite.

The facts say otherwise, Russia was dependent on the West (to be precise, on the United States) and wants the West to change and accept our idea, our rules.
Why? Because we are still dependent on the West and the world it has built.

The USSR was already trying to build its own world and it was not just one country, but it did not work out very well.
This time, China is for us, but he does not want equality, but to take the place of the United States.
We are trying to stick to China, as before to the West. China is trying to use this situation to its advantage.

In short, a multipolar world is not possible.

Who will win?

Everyone will get worse.
As no one won from the world wars, everyone lost and for a long time.