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reliable site
address: Russia, Moscow


Answers to the questions that are most worrying in these days of hostilities in Ukraine.

This is the official state site, where not only the official information of the Russian Federation on the situation in Ukraine is offered, but also, more importantly, official information on the situation in Russia.
In connection with recent events, life situations arise for ordinary people, small businesses.
On the site you can find useful information or ask a question.
And in the Question-Answer section, you can see which questions have already been asked and read the answers.

The site is updated in real time.

Are you interested in the question of benefits, currency, tourists ... ?
This site may be helpful.

Russian - Englesh

Used: OpenStreetMap.
address: Ukraine


Interactive map of military operations in Ukraine.

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Russian - Englesh
address: European Union


A platform where all hotels are collected, where refugees from Ukraine can stay for free.

The site works not only with hotels, it also allows those who wish to offer their hospitality, leave information about such an opportunity.


Russian-language independent international information and entertainment TV channel.
RTVI is a partner company of the Ekho Moskvy radio station.
On acute events, such as the war in Ukraine, it is customary to support one of the parties. RTVI is taking a fairly neutral stance, which is not easy.
I usually watch their news releases on YouTube.

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TV News

address: Russia
Independent scientific and popular research resource.
Devoted to the recent history of the Soviet and Russian weapon systems.
One of most informative among the open and not secret sources of information about soviet and Russian weapon.

Radio Echo GmbH