Encyclopedia of Small Arms

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Encyclopedia of Small Arms


Overview of military equipment from different periods of time.

Here you will find information about old and modern cars of both Russian and foreign production.

Tanks, submarines, fighters - all this is described in the most accessible language, which will make the study of military equipment not only useful, but also enjoyable.


Encyclopedia of small arms.
On the site you can find out the history and compare the characteristics of the James Bond gun Walter PP and the Copper PM (and greatly surprised).
You can find out who really developed Mauser, whose raw ideas brought to mind Kalashnikov, and why overseas sissies in uniforms prefer M16.

address: Russia

X Legio

Military-historical portal of antiquity and the Middle Ages.

This is essentially a reference site where you can find information, for example:

  • siege technique,
  • library of sources,
  • dictionaries,
  • cultural studies,
  • ...