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Hotel WiFi Test -
Classification by Wi-Fi.

The site classifies hotels on the level of Wi-Fi. But even without knowing the language it's not difficult to understand the names of cities and hotels, and the speed of Wi-Fi is generally indicated by numbers:)

The service is new, because the data is not everywhere. I looked at famous hotels, it turned out that there is a paid Internet. But I enjoyed free, except that the speed is somewhat lower.

Paid WiFi - paid
Free WiFi - free

Well, asterisks indicate a rating. The speed can be great, but the channel is limited and try to enter. So you can look at all the indicators.

If the hotel liked, you can buy through

BookingBuddy -
Search for favorable prices for everything that is offered to tourists: plane, hotel, car rental ....

SeatGuru -
Find out where the best places on your flight the plane.

Find out where the best places are on your flight.
Choose an airline, Aeroflot and S7 is, but say the North wind or NordAvia I did not find.
We choose the plane and look at the plan with the indicated best places. In addition, there are a number of other features, power, headphones, video ...

TripAdvisor -
Reserve a table.

On the Russian version of this tourist portal you can find not only hotels, but also restaurants.

Here and photos, and rating, and reviews, and gradation in the kitchen (American, Steak House, European, Italian, Pizza ....)
You can pick up a restaurant for breakfast or lunch or dinner.
Then find it on the map and order it.


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