Full description

Vimeo -
Video hosting HD.

A young but successful video hosting, due to its simplicity.

The main alternative to YouTube.

While sending your creation to Vimeo, you can add it to any thematic group, channel or album. Any member can add it to the group.

  • for free,
  • you can upload up to 500 Mb video per week,
  • the original of your video is saved
  • you can enable or disallow the original video for download,
  • you can only allow the original to be uploaded to those to whom you give a password,
  • There are statistics,
  • you can subscribe to videos from specific groups, channels, albums or from specific users.

Vimeo Video School -
How to shoot a video, the school.

Vimeo, YouTube's main competitor, launched a video school.
Here are 800 lessons on how to make the video yourself. All this is free and the section will grow.

Sections: how to hold the camera, shoot a party, light, sound, software.

Vimeo -
Videos on the site.

On the player, choose the airplane on the right.
In the window that appears, select Embed and copy the code from the form field.

Vimeo 360 -
Panoramic video on Vimeo.

Join Vimeo 360º

Vimeo created a site for storing and earning in the production of 360º video.
What is reasonable, the equipment is expensive and the work is much.

Vimeo also provides support information on how to make 360º video.

Vimeo -
3D video.

Immediately it becomes clear that, like on YouTube, here you can not do without glasses (as indeed everywhere).
To do this, you created Separate group, where to determine the video in 3D. It is moderated, so there will be only 3D.