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Link Twitter to Facebook -

Facebook Messenger -
Messaging, voice and video calls, group video chats, voice and video messages.

Messaging, voice and video calls, group video chats, voice and video messages.
Free of charge and without restrictions.

Send messages to your friends on Facebook, wherever they are, without sharing phone numbers in advance.
Chat and exchange voice messages with great sound quality on your mobile phone, tablet or computer.

  • Platforms: web, Windows, Android, iOS.
  • Up to 50 participants
  • Screen demonstration.
  • Conference recording is not supported.
  • File sending function.
  • Support service: no.

Facebook Messenger -
Messenger from Facebook.

Messenger from Facebook, rather than on Facebook, though, and put in a separate application.
First looked that the reason for the launch of the messenger as a separate app due to too heavy weight application Facebook, which is bad for the phone (it's not a full-fledged computer, the application needs to be compact).

In fact, the reason is somewhat different. If social networks were mostly ribbon, becomes today the main chat connection with someone, a group of ...
And after the advent of bots, the popularity of the instant messengers has grown. Because there was a separate site app. But it is still linked to Facebook and all contacts in there.

And often times just need the link and the link is maximally free and fast, why not at least make a separate icon to go to Facebook on the tape to find out how to get into messenger. Just click another icon appeared and we were there.

WhatsApp -
Messengers to the smartphone.

Free messaging via the Internet.

In addition to basic messaging WhatsApp users can create groups, send each other unlimited messages, photos, audio and video files up to 2 Gb.
Photos and videos will be stored on your phone, so do not abuse.

Instagram -
Delete your account on Instagram.

Delete your account on Instagram.
It will not be possible to restore, neither to you, nor to anyone else.

By the way, you can simply disable your account and it will not be active, it will simply disappear, but then it can be activated again.

Of course, first download your photos and videos if you want, then it will not work.

  1. We go to the Instagram website in our account, not the application, but through the browser.
  2. Open the "Delete account" page.
  3. Indicate the reason for your decision.
  4. We thought again, suddenly they just freaked out, who doesn’t happen to?
  5. Re-enter the password.
  6. Click "Delete account MY NAME"
  7. The account will be deleted within 30-90 days.

Facebook for developers -
Comments on the site.

Comments from the Facebook site.
The advantages are that all comments are together. So they can be seen from any page.

Minus - a comment can be left by a person registered with Facebook.

Unfortunately, the section of the site on the API is constantly changing and it's not always easy to find the right one. Moreover, not all speak English.
So I spread the code:

Code <div id='fb-root'></div>
<script src=''></script>
<fb:comments href='' num_posts='5' width='560'></fb:comments>

Here is:

  1. - our site, Change to your,
  2. num_posts='5' - the number of posts displayed, we have 5,
  3. width='560' - width of the block, change to Your design.
Facebook has perhaps the greatest opportunity to integrate Facebook functions into your site and vice versa (creating your own applications for Facebook).

Impressively, because in the list

Facebook Audience Network -
Monetization of mobile applications and sites.

Monetization of mobile applications and sites.

Facebook offers interesting advertising for earning. The configuration is complex, but the service itself is convenient. In addition, there is earnings both on the site and on mobile applications.

Types of advertising

  1. Native advertising - which naturally fits in and looks like part of an application or site,
  2. Full-screen insert - only once a day, the visitor will not be able to ignore it.
  3. Banner - classical advertising.
  4. Inserting into video is an additional incentive to make videos.

Workplace -
Free voice and text chat for gamers.

Social networks have become a problem in offices.
People spend a lot of time on non-working communication.
It became the norm on enterprise networks to block social networks.

Facebook came up with a different kind of network - inside the enterprise.
People still have more relationships with employees. And then all the same you will switch to the topic of work.
Here also communication became useful. In addition, they continue to communicate after work. So her working time is taken away, but on the contrary personal time is given to working issues.

Facebook 360 -
Panoramic video on Facebook on YouTube technology.

Facebook has developed its panoramic video technology.
There is a special section for those wishing to create 360 videos and there is a group where authors can share experiences and news.

Create bots -

Facebook Pay -


Sign in with Facebook -
Log in via Facebook for your applications and websites.


Facebook -
Close the account.

For the complete and final removal of Facebook.

  1. go to
  2. then click aceptar (send)
  3. do not go to Facebook within 14 days.
  4. All ...


Facebook -
The leading social network in the world.

A leading social network.
A beautiful engine, constantly evolving and growing with new functions, the number of which can not be compared to any service.

For example,

  1. integration with YouTube - you can easily transfer your video album.
  2. integration with gmail and other leading mail services,,, yahoo, ...) - you can easily find out, Has anyone registered in your address book on Facebook.
  3. Integration with Skype - m You can add friends from your address book and view the latest messages from your friends on Skype, which you can immediately answer.
  4. Integration with Yandex - On the start page of Yandex, you can add a widget with the latest Facebook news, which can be immediately answered.
  5. integration with Twitter - you send messages to Twitter, And they automatically appear on your Facebook. So you can write on Facebook via mobile by sending SMS.
Another thing to say is that not so long ago the network opened up for all comers.
  1. We go in,
  2. enter your email, password, facebook explores your address book and tells you which of your friends already has a Facebook entry and you can invite them to your friends.
You can have a photo album, create groups, or join by region or by interest.

There is a wall (the wall) For visitor records.


Facebook job -
Work on Facebook. Something is written about the philosophy of Facebook.


Rossgram -
Russian analogue of Instagram.

Russian analogue of Instagram.

The main feature is the most understandable interface and functionality for Instagram users.
That will make the transition easier.
But there is no base, subscribers ...

Whether he shoots or not, time will tell. But something tells me that the ceiling of this service is ... like Rutube vs Youtube.

Instagram -
Service for sharing photos and videos with elements of sociality.

Service for sharing photos and videos with elements of sociality.
Photos are square, Polaroid style.
Polaroid used to take instant photos and they were square.
Hence the name Instagram - Instant.
That is, just as Polaroid instantly developed photos, so Instagram instantly posts photos.

How does it work?

  1. Put the app on,
  2. takes the photo,
  3. applies a filter to the photo,
  4. share the photo through any social network, including Instagram.

Why Instagram?

And really, why? When there are social networks that are much more functional.
The thing is, people use social media mostly feeds.
Some use chat.

That's why messengers with elements of sociality have become popular.
There, the user finds everything he needs and nothing unnecessary.

And the most interesting thing in the feed was the pictures. So much for Instagram - only pictures.
And, thanks to filters, they look more interesting than in social networks.
The format allows you to comfortably look at a smartphone.

What do people do on Instagram?

  • Some people like to take pictures and share everywhere.
  • Creativity - someone knows how to take pictures and share their creativity.
  • Employment - if you're active, you might earn something.
  • Promotion - you can sell products or promote your services.


Facebook Messenger


Social Facebook button -


Facebook Watch -
Video-on-demand service.

Video-on-demand service.
Quite a small database of video clips from a number of TV companies and users.


Facebook Map Live -
Watch the live broadcast from around the world.

Interactive map of online broadcasts from Facebook.
On the map we choose from the offered broadcasting what we are geographically interesting.
As a rule, you can find a language that is understandable for us.
Of course, there's just chatter in there, and there's a web camera from the studio or a person sharing some serious topic that he owns.

If you like some stream, you can subscribe to notifications about the next broadcasts.

How to make your broadcast

  1. The broadcast is the button at the top right.
  2. A point from the list,
  3. for everyone or friends,
  4. you can write something to notify about your broadcast in the stream,
  5. next - how we will use our webcam, the broadcast will start.


Cleanly on Facebook -


Facebook Verification -

Today we launch page verification in order to help people find authentic accounts of celebrities and other famous people and businesses," the publication quotes an excerpt from the company's message. Verified pages will belong to a small circle of socially significant figures, including stars, journalists, government officials, popular brands and companies.

True accounts will be marked like a tweet by the blue tick next to the name on the Timelines line, in the search results and in other places on Facebook.

The launch of the new feature occurred a few weeks after, As a number of brands expressed concern about how the new internal search engine Graph Search will display them in the search results list, because there are many similar pages.