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logo Church on Murman


Church on Murman

A successful church in the Murmansk region has quality sermon records in audio or video format.

logo 51 bilet


51 bilet

Tickets for concerts, theaters, museums in Murmansk.

On the site you can get acquainted with what is happening in the cultural life of Murmansk.
If you like something, interested, you can buy a ticket,

  1. theater,
  2. opera
  3. ballet
  4. comedy,
  5. musical,
  6. drama,
  7. creative evening,
  8. concert,
  9. show,
  10. touring
  11. museums.

logo Russian Lapland


Russian Lapland

Lovozero is the Saami center of the Murmansk region. There are no noisy cities, many deer.

A great opportunity to fish on the cleanest rivers and lakes, a good place to admire the Northern Lights (if you choose the right time to visit).

You can ride a quad bike. In winter, you can enjoy the Northern Lights on the polar night, in the summer the polar day is light day and night.

logo BigWood



The ski resort is located in the center of the Murmansk region, in the city of Kirovsk in the Khibiny Mountains. Thanks to the warm Gulf Stream, winter is mostly mild.
Kirovsk City has its own airport. The neighboring city of Apatity has a railway station.

The site has a webcam that broadcasts in real time. So you will know what the weather is at the moment in the Khibiny.

  • Gondola-chair, chair, belt and towing lifts with a capacity of 8,000 people per hour,
  • daily preparation of routes,
  • FIS certified routes,
  • 30 km. wide routes,
  • 15 lighted routes,
  • routes from the “green” to the “black”,
  • season to the middle of May,
  • the highest point of 1060 meters,
  • elevation difference of 600 meters,
  • instructor service,
  • single ski area,
  • 2 modern rentals,
  • ski-service wintersteiger,
  • children's room,
  • mother and child rooms,
  • 2 training slopes,
  • a slope in the city,
  • spacious parking,
  • cozy cafes,
  • picturesque Khibiny,
  • Northern Lights,
  • spring mountain tan.

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In Russian
logo Murmanout





If you live in the Murmansk region, then this is the best site for all the events of the region. By the way, Yandex's poster uses information from this site, and only a part.

  • Timetables for concerts, performances, movies, sporting events, parties, exhibitions
  • List of establishments: billiards, live music, Internet, karaoke, bowling, gaming machines, sports broadcasts ...
  • Timetables of children's performances, films, exhibitions, concerts and circus performances, as well as addresses and phone numbers of children's studios, clubs, sections, clubs and attractions
  • List of the most fashionable clothing stores, shoes ...
  • Full database of addresses and phones, Short reviews, as well as a description of style, design and other special features. There are restaurants, cinemas, concert halls, clubs, restaurants, shops, etc.
  • Timetable of transport in Murmansk and the region with the cost of tickets.

logo Hunting the Northern Lights tour

Russian - English

phone.:8 800 550-25-46 (Russian Customers toll-free), + 7 921 709-25-46

Hunting the Northern Lights tour

Some believe that in order to see the Northern Lights, it is enough to come to any point beyond the Arctic Circle at any time and it is in front of you.

Not so simple. The first thing to consider is solar activity. Since the appearance of the Northern Lights directly depends on this factor, ideally, you should choose the date of maximum activity of the sun.

Second - the weather should be cloudless, so that the clouds do not hide the shine.

The lights of the city do not allow to see the sky, because there are almost no chances to see in the cities.

The site tracks the Northern Lights by us on special resources that show information about the activity of the sun, which comes from satellites in real time. Scientists from the Geophysical Observatory of Lovozero, the only station in Russia studying the Northern Lights, taught us to get the most accurate indicators.

This site will offer you the best time to visit the Arctic.

You need to have warm clothes:

  • underwear, thermal underwear as possible,
  • warm shoes,
  • a warm jacket and pants,
  • warm gloves, and better mittens,
  • warm headdress.
The Northern Lights are visible only on cloudless days. So, the clouds do not keep warm and expect those frosty days.

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