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We predict meteorites.

The site is from astronomers, which calculates the consequences of the fall of meteorites to the Earth.

We specify the parameters: the diameter of the meteorite and its density, the speed of movement and the angle at which it enters the atmosphere. And ImpactEarth gives information about the explosion power, the strength of the emerging tsunami and earthquakes, the diameter of the crater remaining from the impact and others. According to the creators of the site, the accuracy of the calculations performed on it is sufficient to enable the use of professional users (for example, scientists Or military), and a simple interface allows you to work with the resource to virtually everyone who is interested.

Meteorites face the Earth quite often, but most of them burn in the atmosphere. Nevertheless, several times in the history of the planet several large celestial bodies fell on its surface. According to one of the popular hypotheses in science, it was the fall of the meteorite that led to the extinction of dinosaurs and many other species of living beings. In addition, some experts hold the opinion that it was meteorites that could bring to the Earth the molecules necessary for the emergence of life.

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