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Free and unregistered service in mathematics for pupils of grades 5-11.

More than 70 calculators.

A step-by-step solution to problems is issued online in seconds.

A powerful design system guarantees high accuracy in solving problems of any complexity.

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A calculator with solutions of examples and equations online.

Free program for automatically solving mathematical examples of any complexity with displaying the steps of the solution online. A simple and pleasant interface, a lot of mathematical functions, solving problems on a tetrad sheet online with a single click. You will see the execution of all the actions of solving examples, equations and mathematical problems "in a column" on the fly, by pressing a pair of buttons. Solve examples and equations online for free with the help of the calculator-rezabychnika program Lovi Answer!

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Rates, ratings of cryptocurrency.
Calculators of mining.
Many other information on the leading cryptocurrency.



Calculator of the cost of creating a mobile application.
Here you need to answer the simple question of choosing the answer option, for example, whether registration in your application will be mailed, through social accounts or not, whether the application is connected to your site, do you need design, icon ...
When we answer all the questions, thereby defining the terms of reference, we will get the cost of this application.

Free Online Calculators


Huge collection of free online calculators for the ease of public use.

Google Dashboard

Russian - English

Owner: Google,reliable site.

All the services of your Google account in one place.

Fine-tuning the search, plus a number of additional features:

  1. Saving in the cache, that is, if the page does not already exist, you can view its last snapshot.
  2. The calculator, and considers not only figures, it is possible to introduce systems of measures, for example. Pounds, teaspoons and ...
  3. Currency conversion, for example. 3.5 USD in RUB
  4. Definitions. Enter the word "define" and after the space, specify the desired word or phrase, for example. define a computer.
  5. Search in documents, for example. In PDF, Microsoft Office documents, PostScript, Corel WordPerfect, Lotus 1-2-3, etc.
  6. Search by number: patents, phone numbers ...
  7. Search for similar pages.
  8. Ex. admission rules site:
  9. Spelling checker. If you write with an error, you will see the message "Did you mean: (more common)?"
  10. Translation of web pages. Currently the following language pairs are supported: English - Arabic, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Korean, German, Portuguese and French, and German - French.
  11. Who refers to you? You can find out by typing, for example. link:

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