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File Destructor 2.0

File breaker.

The broken file

It happens that the file has an error, when it is overwritten or transmitted over the network. In any case, earlier it was much more often.

This is called a broken file. It, as a rule, can not be opened. In the best case, you can somehow open it, but most of the information or pictures will be lost.

Why do you need this?

Say, you need to pass the work on time, but you can not keep up, how to be? - it is necessary to somehow get out, preferably before the client not to fall face in ... well, save face.

We make the file similar to the real one (by weight) and break through this service.
Sending to where necessary and while they Trying to open it, we hastily complete the work.

Acceptable files

Extension files: ZIP, DOC, XLS, PPT.

Corrupt a file

You need to send the document, but you did not meet the deadline.
We take any file with the required name, we ship to the site and get the broken file.
Vu a la!
You sent the document on time, but here's an ill luck, it did not open, you see something messed up when you send a visit.
But you will not be able to fix it, send the working version from your computer, besides, you won time and managed to finish the document.

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