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Runet's Beatles fan Club.

Runet's Beatles Club since 1999.
It is clear that once upon a time a tidy engine was used. It is not bad, but already very old.

However, there is a lot of news here, which is important for me personally, the classic information can be found on Wik


Mr Brian Epstein -
Брайан Эпштейн
Beatles Music Festival "Free as Birds"
Beatles Festival in different styles of music. The main thing is originality. And also exhibitions, performances, film screenings, contests.
British Beatles Fan Club
British Fan Club was founded in 2000 from the London Beatles Fan Club.

British Fan Club was founded in 2000 from the London Beatles Fan Club.
Since 1988 the club has published its own magazine "Off the Beatle Track".

The club now has more than 800 members from the UK and around the world.
The member will receive 4 magazines per year, a badge and membership card, as well as discounts and special offers.

Site of the Ural Beatles Club
Ural Beatles Club.

Ural Beatles Club.
News, events in Russia and in the world, as for the Beatles.
Detailed reports on club projects.
Extensive selection of thematic articles.

DM's Beatles site -
Complete Beatles UK and US discography, complete song index with lyrics, history, many pictures, forum, chat, survey, links, John Lennon's complete lyrics and discography.
Apple Jam
Musical-historical anthology of the Beatles, Dmitry Filippov.
BeatleFan -
Information about the Beatles, news, album of articles and videos.
Lviv fan club The Beatles
Ukrainian Beatles Fan Club.
Beatles Bible -
A wealth of fascinating facts about The Beatles, from their earliest days to the final recording sessions in 1970.
The Beatles Interviews Database -
163 Beatles interviews & press conferences.

163 interviews and press conferences with the Beatles.
Over the years, the Beatles have given interviews to different water and journalists.

In general, they explained almost every song.

BeatlesNews -
The Beatles news digest.

The Beatles news digest.

The authors find news about the Beatles and post it here.
In the tape is the announcement of the article and the original source to read in the original.

The authors not only collect information, but also own it. I liked the 'Related Articles' tags.
Let's say we read the article, but I remember something about it here, but I don't remember where and I don't know how to find it.
This link will allow you to read other articles on the subject.

The news appears on average once a week. However, news can appear in a day or a month without news.

The Beatles in the Soviet press
Soviet media about Beatles, 1964-1979; music publications and books.


iTunes -
Beatles channel.
Beatles channel.
Spotify -
Beatles channel.
TuneIn -
The Beatles' radio and podcasts - aggregator radio online.

The radio aggregator allows you to listen to the radio online.
Here you can find a lot of radio channels, you can find many radio channels fully dedicated to the Beatles.

Almost all radio channels are dedicated only to music or almost only music of the Beatles.
If you are interested in spoken radio, there will be a number of podcasts of the Beatles.

The site itself and the player is made very qualitatively, often better than the presented radio channels, especially all in one place.

My Music
Beatles albums.
The Beatles -
The official website.

The official Beatles website.
The Beatles' main thing is the songs, and this is what the Beatles' website is all about.
Here you can get the basic official information on albums and songs, as well as buy.
There is related information, but it is not much, it is primarily photos and videos.

Last FM -
Beatles channel.
181fm -
Beatles stream. -
Beatles stream.
Beatles Radio -
Music of The Beatles online.

Beatles music online.
Perhaps the oldest online radio entirely dedicated to music Beatles.
They have collected not only the Beatles' songs included in their albums, but also rare records.

The site itself looks the way the sites looked 15 years ago - no way. But we need that music.
However, this channel can be listened to in other places, for example on TuneIn.

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