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Start page

  • - Netvibes Start page.
  • - Atavi Start page.
  • - New Tab Page On the logos page of the most visited sites: search engines, mail, TV, music ...
  • - Start Page A simple page with the transition to the main sites.
  • - Symbaloo Starting page with bookmarks.
  • - My Yahoo Customizable start page for Yahoo.

All in one place

    Service bookmarks


      Time Service

      • - The Human Clock Time.
      • - Time100 The time that the builders are constantly spread of bars on a city street.
      • - Yandex.Time Informer time on its website.
      • - Research Institute of the nature of time Time.

      Wi-Fi access point

      • - Wireless Passwords From Airports And Lounges Around The World Leading the job search site in the world, more than 200 million visitors a month from 60 countries.
      • - Wi-Fi access point Wi-Fi access point.
      • - Help-WiFi Tips for configuring Wi-Fi routers.
      • - Wefi Wi-Fi access point.
      • - Coworker Search for the nearest place to work with the normal Internet.


      • - Random Pick random numbers, flip coins, and more.
      • - Bored Button Are you bored? Click on the red button, and get a random choice of maps, guessing, he guesses.
      • - Quick, Draw! Drawing on using neural network.
      • - Colorflip Listalke pages calms.
      • - RandStuff Random simple, but not empty site.
      • - Braingames Entertainment.
      • - Lumosity Gym for your brain. With the help of fun games on the site, you will maintain your brain in an alert state and perhaps even improve your memory, ability to solve problems and learn to think on your feet.
      • - Generator of Random Awesomeness We press into the center into the rings and get the game - a trifle.
      • - HumanDescent Interesting genetics.
      • - Generator-Online The service includes almost a dozen of the most diverse generators that are most often used on the web.


      • - Golden site Contests sites.
      • - Eurovision Eurovision.

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