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Encyclopedic, terminological dictionaries and publications

  • - Krugosvet Universal encyclopedia: history, medicine, technology, etc. (articles, maps, illustrations). Search by subject and alphabet. Versions for printing. Product details on CD.
  • - Mountain Encyclopedia Online The site was created by Rubicon, the encyclopedia itself was published by the publisher TSB in 1984-1990.
  • - Russian Biographical Dictionary A selection of articles from the Encyclopedic Dictionary of Brockhaus and Efron (biographies of figures of Russian history and culture, as well as articles on Russian semi-mythical and folkloric characters), portraits, coat of arms.
  • - A Word Dictionary of associations.
  • - World encyclopedias Database of encyclopedias.
  • - Encyclopedia of Space A.Zheleznyakov. Articles cover all aspects of space exploration, biographies of astronauts, scientists and designers, reference information. Articles are arranged on a systematic basis.
  • - Floranimal About animals and plants: illustrated articles about various kinds of animals and plants (alphabetical systematization). Entertaining news from the animal world. Tests and games. Photo gallery.
  • - glossary Visual dictionary.

Encyclopedic, terminological dictionaries and publications

  • - LIB Terms and Internet jargon.
  • - Everything2 (E2) English-language online encyclopedia, which contains articles on all areas of human knowledge.

Books & Encyclopedias

  • - Encyclopedia of Aphorisms

Books & Encyclopaedias

  • - Encyclopedia of Numbers and Facts
  • - Encyclopedia of mathematical formulas for designers
  • - Encyclopedia of optical illusions

Books and Encyclopaedias

  • -
  • - How Stuff Works Help site with useful information about that. Each material answers the question: How does something work ?
  • - Great Russian Encyclopedia The goal - the creation of the territory of certain knowledge, including encyclopedic articles and heuristic, scientific, educational and cultural materials.
  • - Investopedia The world's leading source of financial content on Internet, with more than 20 million unique visitors a month.
  • - Znaniya Scientific and educational encyclopedic portal.
  • - Encyclopedia Britannica Online Leading encyclopedia of the world, in English.
  • - Dictionaries, encyclopedias and reference books.
  • - A collection of dictionaries and encyclopedias Online dictionaries and encyclopedias.
  • - Jewish Encyclopedia The Jewish Encyclopedia in Russia
  • - Maxim Moshkov Library E-books.
  • - Large collection of all kinds of online dictionaries and encyclopedias.



    Simple English Wikipedia

      Leading dictionaries and encyclopedias on the Wiki

      • - Wiktionary The leading dictionaries and encyclopedias on the Wiki.
      • - Ruxpert Patriotic encyclopedia about Russia and the world.
      • - Hitchwiki Hitchhiking encyclopedia.
      • - Encyclopedia of Programming Languages Encyclopedia of programming languages.

      Russian Wiki-encyclopedias

      • - RuWiki Russian Wikipedia.
      • - Znaniya Scientific and educational encyclopedic portal.
      • - Runiversalis Wiki encyclopedia in Russian


      • - Wikiquote Collection of relevant proverbs, phrases and quotations, which anyone can edit.

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            Video Encyclopedia

            • - Around the TV Leading online TV guide Runet.

            Visual Encyclopedia

            • - WIKI2 Reprint Wikipedia.
            • - Cyclowiki Universal neutral wiki, which you create.

            Encyclopedia of Small Arms

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