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Yandex Support Service

Yandex has the best support service among the leading portals.
On support malicious (you still and guilty will remain), on Google instead of a support service you will send on forums - ask each other.
Yandex responds not instantly, you have to wait a couple of days or several, but you will get a good authoritative answer.

Somehow, the client intercepted the domain, because they hurried to pay it.
2 year they were offered to buy it, and then threw it away. We bought it again, but it was banned, because there were recently viruses.
I wrote to the support service Yandex, outlined the situation, after some time it was solved.

Some services (for example ЮMoney) have a toll-free number. I called, it turned out that on my question I called not quite at the address, I was helped anyway.

ЮMoney support

You made an order in an online store, paid out of ЮMoney purse, but it did not come at all or did not come at all.
How do I get money back?

For all tangible goods, paid from a purse on Yandex, the "Buyer Protection" automatically operates.
This means that if you brought something from the store not for what you paid for, or did not bring anything at all, Yandex will return the money.
We write to the support team for seven days, and they will help you.

Yandex Blog

The blogosphere itself is closed, but Yandex still conducts its blog. Here you can find news, ask a question and get an answer.
This is not a support service, but one more contact site with Yandex.
You can influence the project or new functions in the process of creating them, when the back reaction is in demand. Then something is unlikely to change.

Yandex Contacts

Company Yandex - Contacts - Moscow.

Phones, faxes, emails of a number of Yandex services.
As well as addresses with location on the map and description of how to get there.

There are not all Yandex contacts here, but enough information if we need an office, and not certain services.


Yandex has a good and not overloaded Help.
In many cases it's better to read and quickly solve your question.

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