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Hot Phone Directory

address: Russia
Directory of free telephone hotlines (full list) of banks, companies, organizations, services of Russia for operational solution of any questions.

The site claims to have a full directory of hotlines 8800 Russia, which is updated 2 times a week.
As well as related information - email, website.


  • airlines;
  • automakers;
  • banks;
  • government agencies and services
  • train stations;
  • Public utilities;
  • internet providers
  • internet services,
  • cable and satellite TV
  • cosmetics and perfume companies
  • microfinance institutions;
  • mobile operators;
  • payment systems
  • political parties
  • device manufacturers;
  • advertising networks
  • social services and helplines
  • insurance companies;
  • fuel companies and gas stations
  • trading chains and online stores
  • transportation companies
  • tour operators.