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Technical support service


Western people, buying a TV or ... first study the instruction and follow it.
Our person will at best glance at the instruction and rush to press the buttons.

So it is. Our instructions have always been stupid and formal, because people are accustomed to not read them. We avoided visits to officials (queues, nerves, chances of help almost zero), preferred to seek help, advice, help ... to friends.

Times have changed

And we stayed the same. Buy a computer, something does not work, let's ring up acquaintances. But we paid money and we have the right to support. You can contact the store or directly to the manufacturer's company via the Internet. By the way, often there is a free phone, a chat, Skype. So you can contact very quickly. This is our right.

Experience shows that at least 20% of problems would be solved very easily, ask a person in the Support Service.

How do I contact support?

It depends on the provided opportunity. But more often there are options for communication with technical support. More often it is:
  1. email is a traditional way,
  2. chat (or form of connection) - instant connection,
  3. the form of communication - the middle between email and chat, it stores the history of all calls,
  4. phone (or Skype) - instant connection,
  5. forum - decide for yourself.
Looks like the best CHAT and TELEPHONE. There is a phone where you can order a call (so you do not have to pay).
In practice, the phone is not sitting on the phone and therefore the answer can be frustrating. In addition, by telephone, everything must be transmitted by voice and perceived by ear. And often you need to transfer a piece of text or a link.
EMAIL communication is much more effective.
If you can not wait, read the HELP section (can be called differently) or ask your question as a query in the search engine. Surely someone has already encountered, and maybe and has not received a response from the support service. Here we find out what others have done in your situation.

Communication time

I noticed that in some places they save and therefore the specialist will answer only on weekdays during working hours. The rest of the time you will be answered by a "young specialist" who is not particularly in a hurry with the answer and the answer will be formal enough to cover up incompetence.

Of course, simple questions can be solved, but it is often better not to waste time on this and wait until a specialist comes to work and solve the problem.

How to behave

When we go to the official, we know how to behave: to lead quietly, so as not to offend him, not to offend, and if he is still not in the spirit, then shout, swing right. It's not like that.
  1. No emotions, no "Until when!" Or "How much you can!". This will not help the case.
  2. We fully and concisely explain the problem. A person does not see you, he is not a magician. Periodically I am treated (usually women) with the words "everything does not work for me", "I do not know anything". Common situation. We need to cry more, it is more difficult to draw a situation, so that they can help us more quickly. As a result, you simply can not help. So, you know something and usually something, yes it works. Just describe everything correctly, without emotions.
  3. Follow the instructions. It is advisable to read the instruction, if such is attached, so that you understand what is happening and what is called.
  4. Retry questioning if something is not clear. Remember, you do not need to know anything, you are just a user, you should all explain at a level that is understandable to you.

What to do if the support service does not respond

  1. Have patience, give some time, wait, do not expect that all this moment will rush to help you. Especially if the case suffers.
  2. If the support does not answer for too long, please contact again, and then again. That is, manifest persistence, this is your right. I once wrote to the site Asus and asked to help install Windows XP on their laptop (then there were features with installation on a SATA disk). In response, silence, I turned again and again. After the third request, they sent a detailed step-by-step instruction with direct links. Know your right and be persistent.