Full description

WebMoney Funding

A platform for attracting donations to implement your ideas and charity, organize events and take off for collective purchases.

  • Easy registration
  • Creating a project for free
  • No restrictions on national and territorial grounds
  • Immediate withdrawal of funds

    What we can

    • To raise funds for implementing your projects with crowdfunding or people's funding - the collective cooperation of people who voluntarily pool their funds to support the efforts of other people or organizations. In exchange for supporting the project, in the case of collecting the required amount, the donors can usually expect to be rewarded.
    • Organize events. You can create an event (concert, theatrical performance, conference, seminar, etc.), attract participants who will purchase tickets for this event using the WebMoney Funding service.
    • Collect funds for charity. You can raise funds for the implementation of your and other charitable projects.
    • Participate in collective purchases - join in groups to purchase goods in order to save. As a rule, buyers are combined to purchase goods from suppliers at wholesale prices or to order in foreign stores.