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Old newspapers

  1. newspaperarchive.com - Newspaper Archive - Incredible base of old newspapers 1607-2017.
  2. journal-club.ru - Journal-club - Online archive of newspapers Soviet times.

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The largest online newspaper archive.
551 million pages of newspapers, out of more than 15,900 newspapers from the U.S. and other countries.

Newspapers provide a unique perspective on the past and can help us understand and connect with people, events and views from earlier times.

It's easy and convenient to search or view news, birth, marriage and death notices, sports, comics and more.
High-quality digital images and a powerful viewer make it easy to view historical documents, print them, save them or share them.

address: Russia
For those who are interested in the history of USSR, the history of war, the pre-war period and not only; For those who prefer primary sources to research and digest; For those who are interested in the history of journalism and the media, finally, for those who are simply interested in all this: welcome to our site called "The old newspapers."

The site Old newspapers - this is not a monument to the era of USSR, not a tombstone and not an epitaph ... Rather it's a theater. The theater, in which the themes and scenes are constantly changing, directors and actors alternate, even the viewer changes, for then these newspapers were not perceived as they are now ...

Old newspapers