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Newspaper Site

In Europe, this way of reading news is also popular. A person is used to a certain newspaper or news service, ex. CNN, BBC, Times ... there are strong local newspapers. People love certain journalists and therefore read the news of their newspapers and publications.

We also have good newspaper sites, for example Rossiyskaya Gazeta is an official publication that publishes all official laws and acts. Laws come into force after publication in this newspaper.

Online newspapers

There are new newspapers that have only an online version or have stopped printing and therefore only have an online version.

There is a specificity of the newspaper online. In principle, the meaning is the same - the search for news, the writing of analytical articles.

Benefits online version:

  1. Speed ​​of delivery
    The newspaper should be printed and delivered to the reader as quickly as possible. The Internet allows you to do this instantly.

  2. circulation and geography
    When typing a newspaper, you must guess the circulation. The Internet does not limit the circulation in any way, anyone can read it, anywhere. Let's say I want to read the New York Times, but we do not sell it at the kiosk. Perhaps it can be written out, but I want to read a couple of numbers to determine whether I will write it out. The Internet allows you to do this easily.

  3. archive The newspaper needs to be typed, written, created always again. No one will pay you for the old newspaper again. It will be read free at home, in the library.
    On the site, the old material will be read again, but there will still be advertising, which will bring income.

  4. layout
    The principle of building the 1st page of the newspaper. A major large article with a large photo about the most important event is being prepared. And on the side is a column with short notes without photos about just important events.
    If at the last moment something more important has happened, this event takes the place of the main article, and the previous article is cut down to a note and placed in a column next to the photo, thrown out. The principle is somewhere like that. It is determined by the layout, the space of the newspaper.
    The site does not have a page size limit, it can be very long. All articles are placed in the form of announcements, and the reader decides what is more important, presses on the announcement and reads the entire article. Do not throw it away.

  5. graphics
    Safepaper can not afford to have many large photos, it takes a lot of expensive space. On the site you can have great, quality photos for each article, notes.
    Moreover, to the site you can place video or audio.

  6. download
    On the site you can download say new forms of documents or application for a visa or .... Safepaper will not use so much space for this.

  7. feedback
    On the site it is instant. The newspaper indicates the email and the new generation sometimes tries to click on it directly in the newspaper.
    In addition, to the site there can be a forum where you can amicably discuss some news.
Disadvantages of the online version:
  1. Competition
    You can not make a city newspaper, then get stronger, go out to the area and so on. You immediately get into competition with the whole world. You need to almost re-spin.

  2. Advertisement
    Safepaper earns purely on advertising. What we pay for a newspaper goes to cover printing and newspaper delivery costs.
    On the Internet, you do not need to spend money on printing and delivering a newspaper to a mailbox.
    In order for the newspaper on the Internet to earn as much advertising on advertising as a printed publication, you must have visitors to the site 10 times the print run.
    Still become popular advertising filters.

  3. dependency on of the Internet
    Once you want to take something with you to read on the road. Or relax and read sitting in a chair, although if you have a tablet ...

  4. content
    If an ordinary newspaper can be easily filled with content - TV program, ads, ads, crosswords ...
    If the newspaper is small, there is room for a couple of articles that can be taken from the Internet. You can not care about copyrights, if you have a small newspaper, then there is no chance that the author of the article from the Internet read it.
    In the online version you will not be able to use the TV program, ads, articles from the Internet. You really need to find something and write.
    However, the reader only wins.

  5. protection
    If the newspaper needs only to be printed and delivered to the reader, then the site should be further protected from attacks, and paid and from theft.