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  1. - BBC America

Auto News

  1. - Za rulem, news - ZaRulem magazine news.


News site of the channel Russia and VGTRK.


Internet site. Information about the metropolitan life - news, videos, photo galleries, infographics.

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Influential Russian Internet newspaper. It was founded in December 2000 (one of the first major domestic Internet media). The edition combines operative release of fresh news materials, giving the reader a full picture of the day with regular publication of exclusive materials about politics, economy, show business, sports and auto.

Moscow today

Topical news of Moscow region: politics, economy, business, housing and communal services, agriculture, sports, recreation, culture, as well as municipal news.

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Peter's Internet newspaper about the events in St. Petersburg, in Russia and in the world: significant incidents, news of the city, business, society, culture, art.

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News agency National News Service.


Independent television.
Actually, independence was left only in the brand. The TV channel could not resist the political independence because of the economic dependence on Gazprom. And as you know, who pays, he orders music.

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Newspaper Izvestiya

The Soviet and Russian socio-political and business daily newspaper, established in March 1917.


TJournal writes author's articles. In addition, robots explore the media and social networks. The most significant is posted on the site. TJournal tries to be more operative than others.

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5 koleso

Online version of the popular automotive magazine in Russia. Published since 1993.

Announcements of fresh numbers, archive of past numbers, car industry news, test drives, bulletin board on car sales.

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The first daily socio-political online newspaper.

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The electronic periodical "" online newspaper.
One of the leading Internet media in Russia, the most quoted.

The newspaper tries to give an alternative point of view, but this is not the opposition, not the yellow press, just another source of information close to the official one.

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Rambler News Service

The source of business news on Internet.


The daily national business newspaper Kommersant - 16 pages of high-quality and timely information about the world and Russian business, financial and business news, politics and permutations in government, the main events in society, culture and sport. Exact predictions and in-depth analysis. One of the most authoritative and influential editions of Russia for decision-makers.

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Russian gazeta

The newspaper was established by the Government of the Russian Federation.
The main feature: no law of Russia will enter into force without publication in the Russian newspaper.

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The Big Picture

Stories and news in pictures.


A project about psychology, entertaining tests.

An international media brand that combines a magazine, a website, and mobile applications Psychologies tests.

Choose a psychologist, take one of hundreds of fascinating tests, express your opinion and discuss what worries you on the forum.
Monthly audience - 5 million unique users.
Facebook group - more than 600,000 participants.

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Newspaper for the layman. Information in the style of the yellow press, headlines and pictures to entice you to read the article. The style of giving something reminds Instagramm.
The quality of the articles is higher than that of the yellow press.


The most quoted online edition of Russia outside of Moscow and St. Petersburg, which conducts business media in the Republic of Tatarstan.

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47 news

Independent Internet publication aimed at comprehensive coverage of political and public life in the Leningrad region, economic and investment activity in the region. The creators expect that "47 news" will become a popular and constructive platform for free discussion of the events that take place in the 47th region of Russia.

New Omsk

Online newspaper Omsk.

Information and political channel, which provides a constantly updated news line, analytical articles, interviews, media monitoring. covers news of politics, economy and culture both in Russia and around the world.


Online newspaper of Siberia.

On a site it is possible

  • read the latest news of Novosibirsk;
  • save favorite news;
  • read and add comments to the news;
  • send your news to the editorial office or suggest an idea for publication;
  • see the current weather and forecast for the next 10 days;
  • watch photo reports;
  • watch videos;
  • watch currency rates of the Central Bank of Russia and Novosibirsk banks.

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News portal of the Samara region. Good base, well-structured, ads, forums, dating ...

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Independent online newspaper of the Volga region.

Media Map

Magazines, newspapers, television, radio, news agencies, online reference books, economics, culture, news, subscription.

Caucasian Knot

Purpose: to ensure freedom of access to truthful and unbiased information about events in the Caucasus; Informing the Russian and world public about cases of human rights violations, situations in the zone of armed conflicts, national or political discrimination, the problem of refugees; Information support to the development of civil initiatives and independent media.

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Information Agency.


News service of Russia: portal, radio and TV channel.


World Newspapers Rankings & Reviews

7,000 newspapers, 200 countries.

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"We choose the most important news for you and prepare the best texts about what is happening in Russia and the world.
We advocate freedom of information dissemination.
We are disgusted about the interests of officials and big business, we despise propaganda and jeans, and journalism of opinions prefer journalism of fact.
We only write about what is really important. "

That's how Meduza declares itself. But on which shishis do they live? As a rule, any press lives at the expense of advertising, and who pays, he orders music.

So this is by and large, another news site.

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A popular Russian online newspaper., and other consonant websites have nothing to do with "".