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  1. - Delegation of the European Commission in Russia - Cooperation programs. Tenders and grants.
  2. - History of Russia by calling Vikings and up to the present
  3. - Public Chamber of the Russian Federation - It is called to ensure the coordination of socially significant interests of citizens of the Russian Federation, public associations, public authorities and local self-government bodies.
  4. - Regions of Russia
  5. - National Population Census 2002 - A collection of the results of the 2002 census. Regulations. Methodology. The history of censuses in Russia. News, analytics. The draft All-Russia Census of 2010.
  6. - The territorial structure of Russia - Theory, history, current state, problems and prospects of the territorial structure of Russia, as well as other states, in publications, documents and materials, on maps and tables.
  7. - Chronos - World history on Internet, the history of Russia (Russian time, Rus initial).
  8. - State symbols - State Symbols of the Russian Federation. National flag, emblem and national anthem. Symbols of the President of the Russian Federation. Symbols of the armed forces and insignia. Symbols of Russian regions. Soviet and foreign symbols.

Maps of Russia

  1. - Atlas of Russian History

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Calendar of events.
About who was born or died today, and who was born when ...

Stories of people who changed this world and people who changed themselves.

News and events that are happening now and that have already happened since 1001.


The closed domain zone for state websites Russia.
The RSNET (Russian State Network) network is a segment of Internet for federal authorities and Bodies of state power of the subjects of the Russian Federation.

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Patriotic encyclopedia about Russia and the world.

It is customary to criticize, scold, rights to download and often it is justified. But it is not far to Maidan.
It is more correct and more honest to have balanced information.
And where to get it? There are some problems in the news.

Here you can find information on the achievements of Russia. They are not small.
for example

  • First place in the world in the proportion of people with higher education among the country's population.
  • First place in the number of women in senior positions.
  • First place in the world in the proportion of women among company executives.
  • First place in the number cottages per capita ..
  • The lowest foreign debt in relation to the country's GDP ...
  • First place in the world in terms of the total value of diamonds produced.
  • First place in the world in palladium production.
  • First place in the world in the number of nuclear power plants simultaneously built abroad.
  • First place in the world in the export of wheat.
  • First place in the world in the export of coriander.
  • First place in the world in oil production.
  • First place in the world in natural gas exports.
  • First place in Europe in terms of remittances by labor migrants.
  • First place in the world for the production of amber.
  • The only floating cosmodrome in the world.
  • First place in enrichment of uranium isotopes 40%.
  • The cheapest wired Internet among the top 50 countries in terms of GDP.
  • Record of transmission distance over the Internet 1Tb/s at a distance of 500 km on Russian equipment.
  • First place in the world in the discovery of chemical lementov in the XXI century.
  • The most powerful infrared laser in the world.