Revelation of Saint John the Theologian

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Revelation of Saint John the Theologian

This is not an expanded teaching, but my summary.
I hope that someone else will be useful.
As time is free, I will develop.

Eschatology the doctrine of the end of the world.
2078εσχατος – the end in time and space, the limit, the ultimate goal. Revelation
602αποκαλυψις – discovery, revelation; Verb to open, detect.
from 575απο – removal, termination of action, negation.
2572καλυπτω – cover, hide, eclipse, disgrace.
from 2813κλεπτω – stealing, stealing, secretly doing anything; deceive.
2928κρυπτω – hide, cover, conceal.


  1. Not as detailed as possible, but to see the whole book, that is, to trace the connection between events. At the first reading, it seems that the author jumps from one event to another, we have not yet realized one thing, as something very different happens. In fact, the other only helps to understand the first.

  2. To see that this is a book of blessings, not curses. Reading the book for the first time many things are not clear, and we miss it. For example, the heavenly powers have wavered - it's not very clear to me. But fire, hunger, murders, earthquakes are quite understandable to me. So, letting pass all incomprehensible, I have a picture of a terrible and terrible end of the world. But we are not waiting for Antichrist, but waiting for the glorious coming of Christ. This book is the revelation of Christ.