chapter 16

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chapter 16

v. 1 –  Is 33:14


Blood, frogs, midges, psyeh flies, sea, boils, hail, locusts, darkness, first-born

The same executions as with the 7 pipes, only then died ⅓, the last serious warning..

TRUMPET – signal, warning.
BOWL - execution (to drink a bowl to the bottom).

Rev 4:5/8:5/11:19/16:18 – it's about thunder, earthquake.

v. 9 did not give glory
v. 11 nd blasphemed the God of heaven from their suffering and their plagues; and did not repent in their affairs.

Everything is done against the unrepentant in order that they repent. Nothing unclean will not come in.
A false prophet is needed wherever falsehoods are not known.
v. 13 When the last time the Euphrates dried up - Babylon fell.
V. 12 unclean trinity:

  1. dragon,
  2. beast (in opposition to a lamb),
  3. false prophet.
v. 16 Armagedon is the last frontier on the way to Jerusalem.
v. 20 And every island fled, and there were no mountains;

The island is a hermit (by itself),
The mountain is the eminence of man.