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Remove first

This page lists the programs recommended for demolition.
They are more voracious or promotional than harmful, because then, you really need to leave.
But you need to know what price to pay for it and really need them to you.
Some of them have a much better alternative, others are completely useless.


Windows Media Player

Unjustifiably gluttonous, but not as comfortable as we would like.
Alternative: MPC-HC - very small, with built-in codecs, when not enabled - does not take system resources.
This is by no means the only alternative, there is VLC with its undeniable advantages.
There are and others, but it's a matter of taste.

Microsoft Silverlight

  1. It was used extremely rarely and is now almost not used at all.
  2. Traditionally gluttonous, like most Microsoft resources.
  3. Microsoft stopped supporting it.


In the past, there was a necessary environment. It's unlikely you need it.
If, however, some important program for you requires the presence of Java, it will offer to install it, do it again, if the program is exactly needed and there is no more decent alternative.


Initially, QuickTime is not for Windows and is used extremely rarely and almost nobody.
By the way, QuickTime found a serious vulnerability through which you can run any code on your computer.

Notebook manufacturers' programs ...

A laptop is a truncated computer, and the producers in their advertising goals are crammed with their programs.
Have you ever used these programs? I do not think so. Perhaps some and used by ignorance that there is something better and much easier.
Thank you, we ourselves will deliver exactly what we need

Chrome Extensions

Some extensions are already in place, and some are being put out of habit. Then we are surprised that it brakes so much, or hangs, or why it takes so many resources from the system.
Just any extension should be justified, useful and only what we really use.
And without side effects.

Any application from antivirus

Antiviruses decided to embed their extension in browsers.
What does it give? Great security? - No, the application protects no better than the antivirus itself, the algorithm is one, and even the browsers have their own protection - warnings, they just need to be read.
So do not overload the browser infinitely, it will be faster.

Skype Click to Call

Skype installs annoyingly when you do not see it, it's worth it.
The goal is that on all sites, these phones become links and clicking, you would call via Skype, for which you need to put denyuzhku.
Understand the goal? Do you want it? Another and resource of the browser takes.
No, thanks, immediately remove her from here.

Every Toolbar

Many programs at downloading strive to put you until you understand the toolbar with its links to the browser.
Is it too fat to give them a whole panel? We will always add it to our bookmarks on a par with everyone.

Most cleaners, system optimizers

Their task is to speed up the system. But many of her brakes only by their presence.
For such purposes it makes sense to put just something very easy.
Otherwise it turns out that they are clearing the place for themselves. What is the point?

Adblock Plus

One of the most popular extensions. If you often download something or go to the sites that are overloaded with intrusive advertising, something pops up, something needs to be pressed ... Then you probably need it.
However, you need to be careful here. I went to Torrentino like and wanted to download something. I was standing Adblock Plus and I was given a virus instead of a link to the torrent. Then I turned off Adblock Plus and gave a normal torrent.
Just have to be careful.

But this is one of the most voracious resources, it does not save traffic, it just does not display everything.
I have often stumbled upon when on official websites not everything worked. Especially it is necessary to be neat to the sites like the State Service, banks, stores.
Sometimes because of Adblock Plus, some scripts do not work, and you spend money.


Previously, it was the best way to watch movies from different countries through Netflix. But there were problems with bots, inserts of porn, so that traffic fell to the baseboard and almost does not pull.


A popular application that promises to find you free stuff.
In fact, it only replaces your home page on, which earns on advertising.


The most voracious programs:
Delete them or turn them off (you can not delete everything). We leave only what is really needed.
  1. Google +,
  2. Facebook,
  3. Google Maps - much better and easier and more in detail MAPS.ME, which works offline and has a decent navigator,
  4. Chrome - an alternative to Opera, better, easier, more stable,
  5. Clean Master is a very voracious cleaner, often removes settings from a program with which he is not familiar,
  6. Weather Channel,
  7. Samsung WatchOn,
  8. Amazon Shopping UK,
  9. Microsoft Outlook,
  10. BBC Safe and Safe Republic is an alternative to Flipboard.

Self-starting performance degradation:
Facebook, Google Play Services, BBM, Instagram, Messenger, ChatOn, Facebook Pages Manager, Weather Channel, KakaoTalk, WhatsApp Messenger;

User-initiated performance-reducing measures:
Snapchat, Amazon Shopping UK, Spotify Music, LINE, CleanMaster, Samsung WatchON, Netflix, BBC Safe, Amazon Shopping Global, Microsoft Outlook;

Self-Launching Landing Battery:
Android Firmware Updater, Samsung Beaming Service, SecurityPolicyUpdater, ChatON, Google Play Services, Facebook, BBM, WhatsApp Messenger, Weather & Clock Widget Android, WeChat;

Batteries Launching User:
Samsung WatchON, SnapChat, Amazon Shopping UK, Microsoft Outlook, BBC Safe, Netflix, LINE, CleanMaster, Walmart, Amazon Shopping Global;

Self-starting clogging:
Facebook, Amazon Kindle, Sp-Mode Mail, Facebook Pages Manager, Google Play Services, Skype, Instagram, Tango, WeChat;

Spotify Music, Chrome, Ailis, LINE, Amazon Shopping UK, TripAdvisor Hotels Flights, Amazon Shopping Global, Snapchat, CleanMaster, Aviary Photo Editor;

Self-startering eating traffic:
Facebook, Yahoo! Japan, Avast Antivirus & Security, The Weather Channel, Instagram, iHeartRadio, Google Play Services, APUs Launcher, Groupon, WeatherBug;

Efficient user-initiated traffic:
Netflix, Snapchat, Tumblr, BBC Safe, CleanMaster, Samsung WatchON, Spotify Music, Aviary Photo Editor, Microsoft Outlook, Tinder.

Do not delete on Android

  1. Google Play;
  2. Google servises;
  3. Settings;
  4. Calendar.
  1. boot;
  2. recovery;
  3. misc;
  4. system;
  5. data.

Should I Remove It?

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Find out which apps you should delete from your computer.
We buy computer, especially a laptop and there's a lot you thought you wanted (but who are they when used) programs from the manufacturer and other recipname.
and they Are working quite correctly and resources are all missing until we installed really need the program.
So the question then becomes, what resources and so slows down the system?

Choose the manufacturer and will help us. The downloadable program can be found on PC is unnecessary.
Then do not forget to remove the program itself. :)

Category: System / Cleaning

Tags: Cleaning Optimization


Should I Remove It?

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Very simple but extremely powerful Windows application that helps users, both technical and non technical, decide what programs they should remove from their PC.

This typically includes finding and removing all sorts of crapware and bloatware such as adware, spyware, toolbars, bundled unwanted applications as well as many forms of malware. The program is very lightweight and extremely fast.

It simply scans your computer for all its' installed programs and then ranks what should be removed by leveraging the wisdom of the crowd (and of course our technical experts) to determine what should not be installed.

Category: System / Cleaning

Tags: System utilities Cleaning

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