Health on the computer

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Health on the computer

Correct posture

First of all, you need to have a chair with a short back.
We somehow sell chairs "supposedly computer" with a high back, on which it is convenient to rest, but not work.
A short back helps to straighten the spine.

Radiation of monitors

Green tea

Chinese scientists, studying green tea, came to the conclusion - every day 2 cups of green tea protects the human body from the radiation coming from the monitors.

It turned out that the leaves of green tea contain elements that counteract the harmful effects of radiation. The main antioxidant of green tea, 100 times stronger than vitamin C and 25 times stronger than vitamin E, protects DNA from damage associated with an increased risk of cancer.

So, green tea can significantly prolong the life of people working at the computer.



Rest at the computer is not a rest.
Resting, get up from behind the computer.
Periodically we look into the distance. Looking at distant objects relax, but we try to bring sharpness. If it does not work out, translate the view to a closer subject, sharpen it, then on, again sharpen, and so on. Thus, we train the eye muscles. Frequent blinking helps to keep the eyes.


People with impaired vision need to consume foods that strengthen the retina of the eye: blueberries, black currants, carrots.

In the short-sighted diets, the liver of cod, greens: parsley, lettuce, dill, green onions should be present.

With retinal dystrophy, hips help (infusion, decoction), cranberries.

Bitter chocolate improves vision

A study of University and Reading revealed that flavonoids contained in cocoa beans increase brain activity And improve vision. This is due to the acceleration of blood flow into the brain and increased nutrition of all tissues.

The effect lasts about 2.5 hours after consuming cocoa mass containing flavonoids.
With the constant use of bitter chocolate containing a large amount of cocoa butter, there is a steady improvement in sight, attention, memory, and other mental functions.
When eating milk chocolate, this was not noticed, writes Culinary Eden.