BIOS sounds

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BIOS sounds


Audible AlarmsErrors
1 shortComputer is running and ready to run
1 signal and blank screenVideo system defective
2 shortVideo system defective (monitor not connected)
3 longDefective motherboard (keyboard controller error)
1 long, 1 shortThe motherboard is defective
1 long, 2 shortVideo system defective (Mono / CGA)
1 long, 3 shortVideo system defective (EGA / VGA)
Duplicate shortTrouble associated with power supply or motherboard
ContinuousProblems with power supply or motherboard
MissingThe power supply unit, motherboard, or speaker is defective

Award BIOS

Audible AlarmsErrors
1 shortComputer is running and ready to run
2 shortMinor errors detected Minor errors appear on the screen of the monitor. Enter the CMOS Setup Utility program and correct the situation. Check the looseness of the loops in the hard disk and motherboard connectors
3 longKeyboard controller error
1 short, 1 longRAM error
1 long, 2 shortVideo card error
1 long, 3 shortVideo memory error
1 long, 9 shortRead error from ROM (read-only memory)
Repeating shortPower supply problems Problems with RAM
Repeating longProblems with RAM
Repetitive high-low frequencyProblems with
ContinuousProblems with power supply


Audible AlarmsErrors
1 shortComputer is running and ready to run
1 long, 1 shortPower supply problems
1 long, 4 shortNo Video Card
2 shortParity error or you forgot to turn off the scanner or printer
3 shortError in the first 64 KB of RAM
4 shortSystem timer failure
5 shortProblems with the processor
6 shortKeyboard controller initialization error
7 shortProblems with the motherboard
8 shortMemory card error
9 shortsThe checksum of the BIOS is incorrect
10 shortError writing to CMOS
11 shortError located on the system
1 long, 2 shortGraphics card error (Mono-CGA)
1 long, 3 shortVideo card error (EGA-VGA)
1 long, 8 shortProblems with video card or monitor not connected
Missing and blank screenThe processor is faulty. The contact of the chip may be bent. If it does not work, replace the processor.
Continuous sound signalPower supply failure or computer overheating


Audible AlarmsErrors
1 shortError checking CPU registers. CPU Malfunction
2 shortKeyboard controller buffer error. Keyboard controller malfunction
3 shortKeyboard controller reset error. Faulty keyboard controller or motherboard
4 shortConnection error with keyboard
5 shortKeyboard input error
6 shortSystem board error
9 shortsA mismatch of the ROM checksum. Faulty BIOS chip BIOS
10 shortSystem timer error. The system clock chip is faulty
11 shortChipset error
12 shortsError of power management register in non-volatile memory
1 longDMA controller 0 channel controller error
1 long, 1 shortDMA controller channel 1 error
1 long, 2 shortError of retraction of the reverse stroke of a vertical scan. The video adapter may be defective
1 long, 3 shortThe video memory error. The video adapter's memory is faulty
1 long, 4 shortVideo adapter error. Defective video adapter
1 long, 5 shortMemory error 64K
1 long, 6 shortFailed to load interrupt vectors. BIOS could not load interrupt vectors into memory
1 long, 7 shortFailed to initialize video equipment
1 long, 8 shortVideo memory error