Screen sizes

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Screen sizes

Screen Sizes

A simple and modern site that collected the sizes and resolution of monitors for mobile phones, smartphones, tablets and monitors in the tables.

There is most basic information:

  • PHY SIZE - diagonal in inches,
  • WIDTH PX - screen width,
  • H PX - screen height,
  • PPI - density, number of dots per inch,
  • PX DENSITY - density: MDPI, XHDPI ... in percent,
  • ASPECT RATIO - the aspect ratio of the screen,
  • OPERATING SYSTEM - the operating system.
You can add or remove columns. Everything is simple, fast, nothing superfluous.

Product Chart

We go to the site, choose smart phones, laptops, tablets, monitors, cameras ...
We get a visual table with products.
You can filter online and the extra will be lost.
What's left is small, but you can point the mouse and get more information from the photo.
We click and get to the page with the description of this model and the price. There are several options with the price on Amazon, click and you can buy if it's suitable.