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When buying a computer, I recommend:
  • Do not buy columns cheaper 1.500 rub. Small will not give a sound and will soon die.
  • If you do not sit on games, buy the simplest graphics card. So save a good amount and the simpler the graphics card, the quieter the cooler. You will have a great video, TV, any graphics. A powerful video card is only needed for modern games.
  • CPU cooler. Buy an expensive noise-reducing cooler. It will cost you an additional 2.500 rub., But it's worth it. Modern processors require a lot of cooling and you get such a noise. In addition, it's just harmful.
  • Windows, install the simplest version. It will do the same job, only there will be no redundant functions, which will save space and resources.
  • Do not install Kaspersky Anti-Virus. It is too powerful for a home computer. Unjustifiably, he will take a lot of resources for himself. Moreover, most people put Kaspersky free, that is, hacked. How much does the protected antivirus protect? I recommend a wonderful free BitDefender.


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