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In fact, if you want to have a store on the Internet and have success, you need to do your website, develop a brand and unwind. You can do it and for the easy, but then you work for the uncle and have your percentage. In this case, you should not expect a business from moonlighting.

For easy

  • Partnership, link to your sites and earn a percentage of sales,
  • Reselling, put the store engine with the database, outwardly, as your store, in fact is not yours. You need to untwist.
  • CMS online store, the use of CMS, and the goods we fill ourselves.
  • Someone makes groups in social networks, but this is not effective, especially since they are not adapted for this.
  • You can sell the product through Internet auctions.


A platform for searching industry and consumer goods and services, as well as companies and manufacturers Russia.

On the Alloy platform, you can create a business website absolutely free. You get a beautiful and professional online store, unlimited functionality, you can post any number of offers and connect any domain. It is amazing, but it is. No hidden fees. No dirty tricks. Paid services are optional - they will come in handy when you want to get more sales from your site.

You can create a site yourself - just register (1 minute) and go through the 7 steps of the Wizard (5-10 minutes). Everything. The online store is ready to accept orders.

The site is edited as easy as a page on social networks. You can move blocks, add products, news and photos with one click directly on the site.

Unlimited free hosting.

Integration into the trading platform with millions of buyers - start selling 15 minutes after opening an online store.

Free Advertising in Yandex.Direct and Google at our expense with payment for sales. Set up campaigns and optimize conversions.