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Online shop promotion

Shoots and contests

What, prizes? Why not?
It's not a bad way to promote a website from scratch.
Running information on social networks, maybe ads.
Go start a band and... hashtag contests, reposting and mentioning contests, Challenge.

Social networks

Be present in places where you might be looked for, such as social networking sites.

Secret prices, sales

If your client has made a number of purchases, put him in the VIP category and offer "secret prices" for a number of goods or services, special sales...

Then the customer will hold on to your shop.


Provide the opportunity to try the product for free.

Car dealerships for tess-drive use the maximum configuration of car models.
The demo version of Bitrix is also the maximum one. Give the customer a taste of maximum convenience.


It's important to keep the client.

When registering, ask for contact details and subsequently inform the customer about sales, new arrivals.

Do not do it often, intrusively, you will simply send to spam.

Wholesale discounts

Say the customer bought the goods, you'll offer him accessories at a discount. Go buy 2 and 3 for free.

The product in the basket

According to statistics, 2/3 of the selected items are not bought in the shopping cart.
It is necessary to remind the client about their order, answering the questions that may arise, can offer a discount or free delivery.

Chat online

People like the easy way to ask a question and get an answer quickly.
Say he didn't find the product, there was a question about delivery.
You either lose a customer or you win his location.


Some sites make ordering more convenient for an accountant than for customers.
Make the design as clear as possible for an untrained user.
All operations must be obvious so that the client understands what is happening. Any doubt will scare him away.


There are review sites. Register them as your store and encourage customers to write reviews with bonuses.

Payment and delivery

Give them a choice and people will choose what's convenient for them.
If they do not find an acceptable option to pay or delivery, under you will not adjust and lose the client.