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If you have a serious store, say, a physical store and you want to do sales or delivery online, it is better to buy a reliable site engine for the store.

What will this site give you?

Let's say I'm going to the Eldorado store and I want to buy a vacuum cleaner, but the store isn't much choice.
Then I go to their site and get a much larger selection, there are filters, you can set the parameters by power, the manufacturer ... and we get a small selection, read reviews, order and go to the same Eldorado.

So the site can hold the client and increase sales.


  1. First we buy the CMS of the store.
  2. Then choose a hosting, not every hosting is suitable for every store, it is better to buy the site engine to ask what hosting is better suited. Usually on the site already has a list of recommendations.
  3. Only then do we fill up your product base. It will not always be possible to translate the base with tables, can be laborious and expensive.


Not the most expensive, but easier.
It is easier to work with the base and in general with the site if you have your own programmer.
The design is quite simple, you will have to do something yourself or buy it.

The possibilities of the site are expanding in modules, of which there are many.
This is like, say, in the browser Google Chrome you can add extensions and so add browser functions.
It's the same here. There are free and paid modules.


Buying a CS-Card once, you don't have to pay anything else.
But they will offer subscriptions, updates.

If you change your mind, you can get your money back, we've been returned without any reservations, to the same card, no requirement to send an application by mail, etc.
It really took us about a week to wait.


There is a special panel on their website, there we can address our questions, first questions for free, then for money.
Answer in principle normally, a four, and slowly, the alert will come to you by email.


Professional CMS. Paid.
The main feature is integration with 1C-accountancy.
Online payment systems are easy to set up.

Suitable for corporate sites, large online stores.


Buy once, no additional payments will be required, unless you are persuaded to subscribe, updates.

But the CMS itself is very professional and does not need additional updates.


You can add various functions through the Marketplace Catalogue (in your control panel), there are free and paid.

I especially want to mention the shell ASPRO, which we decided to try, moreover, it is not cheap.

We were assured that it would be of great use, but we never saw what it was.
We were shown what she looks like. But in fact, she looked pretty much the same as a simple Beatrix.
Because we'll replace all their pictures with our own. And the menu, the website style, the same.
Some kid was doing the installation, it's set up in a few clicks, we had to wait a few days.

The old base is being demolished, everything has to be re-injected, there are no options. They can help with that, for 15,000 rubles.

When we decided to give it up, we were denied a refund, they said when we bought it, they sent us the key and it's irreversible.

Just lost time and money.


It's very long.
There are accounts in social networks, a phone, but there will not help you, almost all their contacts are busy with only one thing - sales.

Control Panel

Pretty modern, professional.
In my opinion, overloaded, it will take time to get used to it.
There are comfortable things, there are weird things.

Jino, Spectrum

Hosting for 1C-Bitrix.
290 rubles per month.
Test period of 10 days, you can try, liked - buy.

Register and get ready-made site

1C-Bitrix is already installed, you can simply use it without bothering to install it.
Hosting is customized for this CMS and nothing extra. There is only one site, no subdomains.
Because it is cheaper than other hosting, which are used for 1C-Bitrix.

But do not flatter yourself, you still have rights to 1C-Bitrix no, only a test period of one month, then you will need to buy a license on the official site and enter your key, then it will always work.

Free SSL certificates (to have HTTPS address://)

The hosting user can get a free SSL certificate from Let's Encrypt.
The certificates are issued within a few seconds through the "Gino" control panel and are automatically renewed.
Login to Domains, choose one of your domains and click on the tab.


The domain can be purchased from Gino or anywhere else and is simply used on this hosting.

Auto-renewal. That is, my head does not hurt to pay for the domain, just pay for hosting in advance, payment for the domain is automatic when required.

Payment methods

Regular promotions, if we pay more forward, we get something for free.
I so got a decent headphones, external HDD, tablet, something else. With gifts come fountain pens, something else with the logo of Gino. Nice.

Payment methods


Support service

All questions are solved, not everything is quick. You just need to write the question clearly, concisely and without emotion.

Gino. Cloud

You also get a cloud of 20 Gb of free space.

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