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Reselling is the ability to resell someone else's services under its own brand lawfully.
But a reseller is more likely not an intermediary between the seller and the buyer, but a seller between the wholesaler and the consumer.
The difference between reselling from the affiliate program is that the partner advertises the seller's website and redirects the buyer to the site of the seller, for which he receives a percentage of sales. The seller works with the client.
The reseller gets his site, or rather his account, receives instructions, studies, configures the site and he himself serves the customers. Itself receives a minimum of service, basically independently studies a principle of work through detailed Help.

Benefits to a reseller
  1. Just earn.
  2. Start a business with nothing and without knowing.
  3. These kinds of things are convenient when you want to expand your service, that is, so that the client coming to you, immediately received the full range of services.
  4. Acquire experience, then start the most similar business.

Good for the seller

The real profit goes on the run. If you can replicate something, then there is a chance to earn a lot. Today, everyone understands that Agent Gerbolife running with a tube in her hands looking for a client does not have a chance to earn a lot.

So, if you have your own hosting or you sell domains (for example), make or order the engine, that is, automate the sales process.
The main thing that limits your opportunities, that takes your time - working with the client, reselling allows you to delegate this burden to others.

Reselling, whom to choose

It should not be expensive, because usually high-end resellers in the pyramid are expensive.
The matter is that reselling is multi-level, in this case it is better to find the "primary source", which we did, because someone made a good engine and now many are engaged in this business.
Also the high cost is caused not by the untwistedness of the seller. If you do not have a lot of customers, you can not keep prices low.
But cheap, not necessarily good, it is necessary to check and for reliability. advises to study conferences (for foreign) and (for Russian) reselling, communicate with support.