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Writing music

ecrett music

Generation of songs.

Artificial intelligence creates melodies.
Set the theme (travel, kitchen, party ...) _ and the mood is sad, cheerful, upbeat ...

The hit does not work, you get a background melody, which can be used as a background melody for the video and not be afraid that you will be blocked for copyright infringement, for example on YouTube.

address: Russia


Music + text + picture, it is together the three components can most accurately and vividly express your emotions.

Even if you can not draw, write poetry, write music.



Virtual music studio. At your disposal: a synthesizer, a selection of presets and effects, filters, a sequencer and the ability to input music from the keyboard. In my opinion, it's obvious that the site does not pull to the professional studio, but it's far from being a toy. So it is quite suitable for beginners. Start here, and then think about the cool studio.


A platform for creating musical compositions.
Music lovers can listen to something interesting here, but to create something, you need musical knowledge.

One of the advantages of the site is cooperation. Let's say I have a cool song idea, but I only own a guitar. You can find a partner here. Or I started and could not finish, can someone help?

The site is paid.