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Playkastov portal.

Music + text + picture, it is together the three components can most accurately and vividly express your emotions.

Even if you can not draw, write poetry, write music.

3D postcards and not just for any event.

3D postcards and not just for any event.

Free greeting cards and photo frames with your photo.

Free greeting cards and photo frames with your photo.

The site looks rather rustic, probably made long ago.
The peculiarity is that here in the templates of the postcards there is a hole so to speak, so that you can substitute your own or someone’s photo.

Here is a personal greeting.

Free postcards
Congratulations for friends for free!

Canva -
Create a postcard online for a couple of minutes for free.

Create a postcard online for a couple of minutes for free.

How it works

In fact, everything is simple, follow the instructions.
  1. Choose a category - teacher, company ...
  2. based on the selected category, you will be asked to fill in the local fields - email, name ... because someone makes a friendly postcard, someone is corporate, and someone is for advertising purposes.
  3. Then we select the postcard template, which we take as a basis.
  4. Edit, changing if necessary text, background, add design elements.
  5. Click on the top Publish, Share or download arrow and get the postcard in the format we need.

Postcrossing -
Random card.

Communicate with a random participant only through ordinary postcards.
You send a card to someone unknown and can get it from someone.

It's clear that we send a card to no one at all, it is necessary for the addressee to want it. Therefore, you register and get an address to which you can send a postcard. Also, your address falls into the database, wait for the postcard.

The site also has a blog and a forum for communication. After all, the main idea is communication.

Sand Sign
Message of the sand.

Service traveling greetings!
For some 590 rubles. On your behalf will be an inscription on the sand of one of the beaches of Hawaii or Costa Rica.
The inscription is done in a drawing box, so there can be not only text, but also a drawing, some draw hearts.

Voice cards.

Original greetings, which are delivered in the form of a call to a mobile or city phone.

The services of postcards are becoming less and less in demand. But here's something new, fundamentally new.
After all, the main thing in congratulation is freshness and originality.

You can try.
For convenience, there is a calendar with holidays and events.
You can add Background music with special effects or upload your own, but not more than 10MB.

Crello -
Create your cards based on templates.

Create your cards based on templates.
Simple free online image editor.
We create our own design - publications, covers, graphics and posters using ready-to-use templates.

How it works

  1. Choose one of the templates as the basis
  2. edit - change text, font, background ... and you can leave, if you like,
  3. If you’ve arranged it, you can download it in image format (.JPG, .PNG) or .PDF.
  4. You can take a link to the site or send it to someone, congratulations.

Virtual Cards.

Juicy greeting cards for Birthday, for Wedding, Christian cards.

Funny cards.

On the site you can create postcards,
paste on a website or blog,
just yourself to watch and entertain.

Designer cards online for free.

Designer cards online for free.

The editor itself is intuitive, but there are clues anyway.

There are also templates that can be taken as a basis and edited.

The result can be taken as a link, picture or animated picture.


Old Postcards

Soviet Posters, Postcards