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Writing music playing

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Isle of Tune

A musical island.
A simple game, first we draw streets, as we like.
Then we arrange lanterns, trees, flower beds, houses closer to the road.
Then we expose 3 cars in different places, START and passing by objects we hear a sound.



Everyone can become a composer.
  • We sing a melody or namurlykivayem,
  • choose the instrument on which it should be played,
  • choose an arrangement (orchestra ...),
  • listen to your creation.
It is clear that no one buys this music, but we can quickly see how it will sound, and then throw it away, or bring it to mind.


address: Russia

Melody of Your Body

Novartis, a Russian pharmaceutical company, created a neural network that creates a melody from moles on the human body.

We take photos of birthmarks and upload them to the site.
The neural network analyzes it, assigns a sound to each birthmark, and puts it together into a melody.

This is how Novartis supports its Focus on Moles" social campaign to raise awareness about melanoma, a malignant tumor.
Up to 11,000 cases of the disease are diagnosed in Russia each year.
Usually one goes to a doctor. when it's too late.



Collective improvisation.
Running wave, we just move the mouse up and down and so change the tone of the melody that I get.
You can choose a different color and there will be a different sound.
If we click and hold our mouse, our sound is louder.
Besides us there are several more participants, so we are your music.


Animated music.
We can create music with a video sequence, just by pressing the keys. It is difficult to describe these sounds, just try pressing all the keys and pick up what you like.

iTunes Android


Mobile social network-mobile communication.

iTunes Android


Table, each line is a tool, we connect it where necessary on the timeline. Click play and listen to your hit.
You can save our treasure.


Virtual music studio. At your disposal: a synthesizer, a selection of presets and effects, filters, a sequencer and the ability to input music from the keyboard. In my opinion, it's obvious that the site does not pull to the professional studio, but it's far from being a toy. So it is quite suitable for beginners. Start here, and then think about the cool studio.