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Maps of cities

The site presents the old maps of Moscow and the Moscow region from ancient times to the present.

For all maps, online browsing is available in high resolution.

With the Map Overlay function, you can compare any old Moscow plan with modern maps and satellite imagery.

Our Ural

Interactive map of the Urals for tourists.


Interactive map of Ireland for tourists.

On the map are primarily Christian shrines.


Which city to visit?
Click and get a random city.
There will not be all the cities in the world, but only those that you should go to.
Also we get to the place on the map and the panorama of that place, so more clearly, to understand whether i


A well-drawn map of Krasnoyarsk, Vologda, Kiev, Abakan, Achinsk, Kansk, Norilsk and a number of neighboring settlements. The houses are drawn in volume so that the number of floors is visually understandable.

Search by organization, service, address ...

The base of the organization is attached to the map, shops, enterprises with an address, working hours and contacts.
Very detailed maps.


Map of Novocherkassk with state institutions, discotheques, ATMs, etc.