Ph4 / Ireland

Ph4 / Ireland

DocumentaryHeaven -
A paradise for lovers of documentary.


A paradise for lovers of documentary.
Documentaries are collected here, there are fresh, there is a top, a catalog.

Ireland -

GoCar -
tel.: +__01 8441969

Republic of Ireland -

Boston -
The minimum package includes 5Gb, you can only fumble data between system members.

Creative Commons -


Outlook -
address: One Microsoft Way, WA 98052
tel.: +1 (201) 55-555
Letter translation.


Letter translation.
Outlook allows you to set the parameters of automatic translation of emails.

  • Go to settings.
  • Select the language in which the letters should be translated.
  • Select languages that you do not need to translate (if you speak other languages).

Colorado Springs

University of Colorado, Colorado Springs -


Dublin City University -

FreeTour -
address: Freetourcom Limited, Co. reg. no. 569427, Office 18, 29-30 Dame Street, Dublin 2
Free tours around the world.


Free tours around the world.
Good local free guides and suppliers of budget tours to destinations around the world.

More than 120 countries around the world, adding new features daily.

These tours and activities are an ideal way to explore new cities and discover authentic local culture on fair terms without high prices.

AirBNB -
address: Airbnb Ireland UC, private unlimited company, The Watermarque Building, South Lotts Road, Ringsend, Dublin 4
tel.: +7 (495) 465-80-90
Remove a decent house in 34,000 cities in 190 countries.


We rent a decent house in 34,000 cities from 190 countries.
We just drive in the city and look at the offer.
You can limit or increase the number of offers by setting a limit on the price and defining the zone on the map (larger map - fewer offers

Hostelworld -
address: One Central Park, Leopardstown, 18
tel.: +353 1 524-58-00
Hostels worldwide - Online hostel booking, ratings and reviews.


Hostels worldwide - Online hostel booking, ratings and reviews.
We reserve seats in more than 33 000 hostels in 170 countries of the world. What is not so much. Let's say where I go to Finland is nothing.

Night Earth -
address: 2 George's Quay Dublin 2
Map night.


Night map of the world.
The same map of the world as the usual map of Google or Yandex, only the land is photographed not by day, but at night, with glowing lights.


Piibel -


Random Password Generator -
address: Stefan Scholl, Freisbacher Weg 3, 67376
tel.: +49 178 217-80-94
Generator of random passwords.


Generator of random passwords.
Feature - he will create words only from letters and they are similar to normal, and not habitual abracadabra, for example. mik enubu. So you can remember if necessary.
That's nothing superfluous.

Just specify the number of characters, the number of words.
You can replace characters with similar numbers: 3, 1, 0 instead of e, i, o.
So we complicate the password, but we know the principle.

New Jersey

The College of New Jersey -


University of California, Davis -

Virus Video -
Top Viral Videos.


Best videos uploaded to the network.

Do not be afraid, there are no viruses.
The meaning of the word virus is taken more from the term Viral marketing. This is when the photo or video is distributed according to the type of virus. There was an interesting video and users threw it shares with each other. A kind of prototype word of mouth.

And this site tracks this kind of popularity and all these videos can be found in one place.


BikesBooking -
address: The Plaza, Eastpoint Business Park 3, D03 E5R6
Rent motorcycles, bicycles and scooters in any part of the world for the best prices.


Rent motorcycles, bicycles and scooters in any part of the world for the best prices.
It is the intermediary who tries to collect all distributors in one place.
Russia is represented by Moscow and Sochi.
And no matter how I tried to order, everything is already taken from them.
And here in other countries the choice of distributors with the prices is given.


Northern Ireland -
address: 27 Howard Street, BT1 6NB
Bible Society of Northern Ireland.


Alison -
address: Alison, Level One Building, Galway Technology Park, Parkmore, H91 E309
Courses from project management to develop a web business.


ALISON is different from many other online learning concentrators, as it allows you to take classes from leading publishers such as Google and Microsoft.

Alison is one of the world's leading online learning platforms offering over 1500 completely free courses (with the optionally purchasable certificate)

Courses can include anything from project management to developing a web business.


Ulyanovsk region -
Official site of the Governor and the Government of the Ulyanovsk Region.